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Beauty Regimen for Men

Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
Today, many self-conscious men are looking everywhere for tips on beauty regimen. Here is some information on the basics of male beauty care.
Nowadays, a pleasantly surprising number of men can be seen shedding the inhibition to openly solicit tips and advice with regards to improving their looks, by following therapeutic as well as cosmetic regimes.
While a lot is common between a women's and men's beauty regimen, owing to the difference in the texture and overall quality of their skin and hair, the products used for their respective beauty regimens may slightly differ, chiefly in terms of certain ingredients.
With the warm summer air ushering in the wedding season, here are some beauty regimen ideas for men who would be walking the aisle this season. Read ahead to find out what to do, to so that the two of you look like a match made in heaven, when you stand beside the bride at the altar!

Routine Beauty Regimen For Guys

On a general note, there a certain things that men, who have a decent sense of hygiene and give some importance to grooming, should adhere to.
The daily routine must essentially include a bath followed by applying a mild, non greasy moisturizer.
A mildly perfumed deodorant makes sure to keep you fresh and appealingly fragrant all day long. Whether or not you shave regularly is a matter of individual choice. However, if you're fond of sporting a stubble or mustache, make sure that you keep them trimmed and well-groomed, so that your facial hair adds to your personality, rather than robbing you of it!
Clean and well-trimmed finger and toe nails give you a neat and well-maintained look, and you lower your risk of getting hurt by their breakage or tearing off. Exfoliate at least twice a week to keep those dead cells away and let the fresh, smooth you breathe!
During summers, apply a toner between bath and moisturizer application. You can choose from a wide range of cosmetic and alcohol based toners or use a natural, herbal one. Refrain from all alcohol based products for the skin, as alcohol tends to absorb more UV rays when you step out in the sun, turning the areas of application darker than their surroundings.
Wear a sunscreen when venturing outdoors and always use sun protective tanning products when hitting the beach. Last but not the least, drink lots of water and fresh fruit and vegetable juices to keep you body well hydrated. The inner detox effects will show as healthy, unblemished complexion and trouble-free skin on the outside.
Last but not the least, drink lots of water and fresh fruit and vegetable juices to keep you body well hydrated. The inner detox effects will show as healthy, unblemished complexion and trouble-free skin on the outside.

Beauty Regimen for Grooms to Be

If you're thinking that a stylish haircut, a relaxing bath, and a good shave will do, and your designer wedding outfit will take care of the rest, snap out of it immediately! While these things do matter and are the basics of any beauty care regimen, these alone will not suffice for the biggest day in your life!
Think of it this way - your wedding day is when you give yourself to her and she gives herself to you; in other words, the bride and groom present themselves to each other for life! All eyes would be on you.
In fact, all those people would have gathered there because of you and your bride! That makes it your most solemn duty to look better on that particular day than you do on other regular days! So, what are we waiting for? Let's find out what a basic personal care and grooming regimen for men before a wedding, would look like.

Pre-Wedding Preparations

It's your wedding, so don't settle for quickies! Take time out of your busy schedule well in advance, say 3 - 4 months before the big day, and enroll yourself for a professional beauty and wellness course.
Join a spa or get yourself a pre-wedding package at a good men's salon, and follow the appointments diligently. These professional beauty regimes usually include intensive cleansing schedule, where your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated and toned routinely.
These will be followed by intensive moisturizing and/ or cosmetic dermabrasion, depending upon individual skin requirements. Facials, bleaching sessions, deep conditioning and other beauty treatments for removal of scars, lightening hyper pigmented blotches, treating acne, etc., may also be availed of.
Choose a package that meets the maximum number of your requirements. If you join a spa course, you'll be made to attend massage and therapeutic bath sessions (mud bath, cocoa bath, herbal bath, steam bath and whatever else the spa offers), along with relaxation therapies to soothe your senses, in addition to the conventional beauty treatments.
A spa may also recommend you a certain diet to detoxify you from inside, so that your skin appears healthier and you look more youthful and fit. Go for regular manicure and pedicure, as well as wear a good sunscreen every time you venture outdoors.

It's Your Wedding - Walk the Aisle in Style!

Depending upon what time of the day the wedding is at, plan your dressing up regime well in advance. Get a haircut at least two days before the wedding, so that you have some time in your hand in case you need to go for corrective trims.
Shave in the morning if the wedding is scheduled for later in the day or evening. If the wedding is scheduled for the morning, shave the night before just before going to sleep, so that you look fresh for the occasion. Arrange for the services of a professional hair stylist if you or the best man aren't any good with hair sculpting gels.
A day before the wedding, take time to cleanse and exfoliate your face and neck. Trim the nails on your fingers and toes neatly. After you take a long, relaxing bath, apply a non greasy moisturizer or a mild astringent (depending upon your skin type) to keep your skin fresh and hydrated.
For fragrance, choose a cologne with a natural, slightly masculine essence, rather than an overpowering, artificial smelling perfume. Don't just go ahead and douse yourself in the cologne though! Just dab some on your temples, behind your ears, and rub a small amount on your wrists. Spill some on your handkerchief if you want, but refrain from overdoing it.
If you still want to go in for perfume, don't spray any of it directly on your person or clothes. Rather, spray a mist in front of you and walk through it. This will make you smell just right. It's also absolutely okay to take the help of camouflaging cosmetic products, such as concealers for hiding undesirable scars or pigmentation on the face.
At least a day or two before the wedding, check out the entire length and breadth of your outfit to see if it's totally spotless and well ironed. Get the fittings done well in advance.
You can accessorize too, but keep it simple. A classy watch with a big, masculine dial and a traditional metal clasp would do just fine, unless you're having a theme wedding (hip hop, Gothic style, and the likes!). So, pull up your socks and get going - when YOU are the gift for your fiancée, make sure she gets the best!