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Best Nursing Shoes for Men

Torque Earnest
Nursing shoes are usually worn by medical practitioners, more commonly by the nurses, hence the name. Find how to select the best nursing shoes for men here with the useful pointers given.
Special characteristics of nursing shoes are that they are slip-resistant and have a durable sole, usually wood (called clogs). Another notable feature is that they are available in only neutral and formal colors of white and black.
These shoes are specially designed to nullify the adverse effect of the long hours you spend standing or continuously moving from place to place. So it becomes an absolute necessity for you to have the right kind of shoes. Following are the factors that you should consider while buying nursing shoes:


The first and foremost thing to be checked is the comfort level. Comfort comes by the softness of the shoes and proper fitting. If you are looking for shoes made for flat feet then you should go for one that has an arch. Go for shoes that support your feet and at the same time fit you snugly.

Weight-bearing Factor

The technology that offers a balanced weight-bearing factor is also something which you cannot ignore. So while you are selecting shoes, you need to wear them and stand and walk around to gauge how comfortable they are.
Because the shoes tend to expand after regular use, the toe box has to be spacious and at the same time not too loose as well. If these points are not given due importance, you might land up with serious foot problems.

The Right Size

The size of the shoes is something that is best left for the shopkeeper or the dealer to measure and decide. Remember that although there may be similarities in the size of shoes for the same person, different manufacturers may have the same sizes with slight differences.


These shoes come with a good life if you take care of them. A simple tip is to let the shoe dry after you come back from work. This saves the inner part (the sole and lining) of the shoe from getting eroded. And as far as the soles are concerned, you do not have to worry much because they will bear the actual wear and tear and you have no control over that.


Lastly, the companies that make good nursing shoes are Dansko, Skechers along with others. These brands offer a lot of variety in designs and colors. This gives you the freedom to select a pair that goes perfectly with your uniform. Although, a drawback is that you might not find cheap shoes, but you do not have to worry about the durability.