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Best Way to Iron a Suit

Komal Bakhru
Nothing speaks formal for men like a well fitted suit does, but for it to look up to the mark it must be just as well ironed as stitched. For those unsure about how to iron a suit, let this post be your guide.
A well stitched suit is something that can define a man like nothing else can. In fact, it's almost like a reflection of his personality. Think about it, how many people find a man repellent in a suit? Guesses are, not many. A man who knows how to look good in a suit scores brownie points with plenty.
There is however, one thing that matters a lot when it comes to this perfectly flawless looking suit. Ironing it well and keeping it crisp looking at all times. A limp looking suit is almost pointless especially because its appeal lies in the perfection of its look.
So how does one achieve that perfect look at all times? Well, one option is giving it to the cleaners. In fact, that is indeed the best method to keep it looking good at all times. Every so often though, there is a need to give it one light iron just before wearing it, so how does one go about that? How about you now take a look at how to iron a suit.

Ironing Process

For starters, it is important to bear in mind that a suit essentially consists of at least two pieces of clothing, a jacket and the pants. Here's how to go about ironing it for that flawless look.

The Jacket

The first thing you want to do is ensure that the suit is absolutely clean, with no stains at all, reason being, you would not want to wear a stained suit, and secondly, ironing on stains will only make them more permanent on the piece of clothing that you are ironing.
Once you've ensured that the suit is clean, go ahead and flip it inside out so as to avoid getting a shine on the cloth. Flipping the coat will also make the entire procedure of ironing a lot easier than it would be otherwise.
After this, you must pay attention to the specifications of how to iron a suit jacket. First things first, be sure to use steam while ironing. Doing so will allow the jacket a smoother appearance, and will get rid of even the slightest evidence of any crease.
What will also have to be kept in mind is the temperature setting that you will be using. The lining is always made of a finer material which requires a lower heat setting than the outer material of the coat would require. You could also opt to keep it slightly damp because that will help do away with the wrinkles even better.

The Trousers

There are other details that need to be seen to as well. Since the other item that needs ironing would be the trousers, here's how to get that done.
The most important part of getting the trousers to look right is that of getting the crease right, so that it can be ironed to perfection. Getting a double crease on the trousers is probably the worst way to ruin a perfectly good suit.
Pay attention and be very particular when laying down the trousers on the ironing board. Once the pants are set the right way for ironing, the rest of it is no task at all. Proceed by spreading the legs of the trousers so as not to miss ironing any spot.
For an absolutely stark looking suit, check that no spot has been missed out on, because a half ironed suit is as unkempt as it could look. Also, most often, people tend to slack when ironing around the pocket, waist, and other areas like such. It is essential that the ironing is done well and evenly so that the suit looks as complete as it possibly can.
Keeping in mind just the bare minimum when ironing clothing like a suit is vital. As mentioned before, clothes like these add character to any person and it goes without saying that this is always a good thing. At the end of the day, do what it takes and keep yourself looking well-groomed, and it'll work wonders for you.