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Popular Haircuts for Boys

Stephen Rampur Mar 3, 2020
When it comes to types of haircuts for boys, there are many convenient and fashionable choices. Here is a brief insight into the popular ones to sport.
There are many types of haircuts that can be worn by kids as well as teenagers. As kids are active and energetic, it is better for them to wear short ones, which unlike long hairstyles, do not interfere in their play and enjoyment activities.
Long ones, on the other hand, are mostly preferred by teenagers and youngsters, as they choose to be more intent in making a fashion statement.
Teenagers and youngsters can easily choose their type of hairstyle and wear it according to their likes.
But, in choosing the appropriate hairdo for kids, parents need to think about some important aspects. They need to make sure that the one they choose for their son does not hinder his daily activities in school or home. It is suggested that you encourage keeping their hair shorter.
Since kids do not like to spend more time in front of the mirror styling their hair, make sure that the haircut is very easy to do and maintain.

Classic Examples

Military or Crew Cut

This hairstyle is really easy to maintain.
A crew or military haircut being very short actually does not require any maintenance. You can set the hair in place by just using your hands.


This hairstyle is great for kids who are not much into playing but prefer being stylish and cute. Spikes can be made on hair, which are a bit longer than the ones in a crew cut. It is also easy to maintain. You would need some amount of hair gel for making spikes.

Comb Down

This is where the hair is allowed to grow little longer till they collectively cover the ears. This style is good for kids and teenagers who have fine and silky hair. It seems much like a bowl haircut.

Bowl Haircuts

This hairstyle is mostly suitable for teenagers. It relates to a bowl being positioned on your head, and the hair that come from under it being cut. So, it seems as if a bowl made of hair is placed on the kid's head.

Shag Hairstyles

This teen hairstyle is a kind of rough and disordered cut. It relates to using different layers of hair to make a rough hairdo. This style does not require maintenance, as it is actually meant to be without maintenance. You would just need to brush the hair and nothing more.

Side Sweep

This style is more formal than a shag hairdo, as the layers of the hair are well set in a proper manner to either sides.
This is one of the most ordinary styles that is used by kids, teenagers, as well as youngsters. It can also be worn on a majority of occasions.
These are some of the most popularly sported haircuts. Whichever style you choose for your son, simply ensure that it is easy to do and maintain and that he looks great in that.