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Braid Designs for Men

With some cool braid designs for men, you can tame your long hair into super cool and neat looking hairstyles. Here is a post with pictures of various braid hair designs and styles.
Pragya T Apr 18, 2020
Many men with long hair or with extremely curly hair find their hair very difficult to manage. Though, most men prefer short hairstyles for various reasons. Short hair is easy to maintain, easy to care for, and very common too.
Although, long hair is distinctive and can be a head turner when styled properly. If you have long hair and are thinking of getting a style that helps you manage your hair with the least of effort, then consider braid hairstyles.
There are various super cool braid designs for men, so you can choose some unique looking styles. Cornrows are one of the most common braids for men, and can be braided to form various designs.
There are mini or micro braids for long and medium-long hair too. Herringbone and English braids are easy-to-do styles if you have long hair. You can also try out short or long deadlocks, if you like the Rastafarian look.
Here is a picture gallery which has different braid designs. You can find below, pictures of linear cornrows, complex cornrows, short dreads, long dreads, micro braids, etc. Take your pick.

Simple Singular Braids

Men with long hair or with a rat's tail haircut can try out some simple singular braids. These braids are easy to create, and with just a little practice you can do it by yourself. The simplest to create is the English braid. The English braid is created by dividing the hair in three equal sections.
Then with alternate tying, the hair is braided. You can also try the fishbone braid. This is a complex looking braid, which is created by adding hair strands to two hair sections in an alternate manner. With some practice, you will be able to create these awesome braids.


Cornrows are one of the most popular hair braids for men. Many film celebs and sports celebs can be seen wearing cornrows. Cornrows were a common way to style hair in the Sub Saharan Africa for many years.
This hairstyle today has gained popularity again due to the hip hop culture. Cornrows are cool-looking braids, however, they are also one of the most painful braiding techniques. So, it is best that you go to a stylist to get them done. To create cornrows in your hair, you will need hair that is at least 4 inches long.
You can go with simple linear styles, which will take less time and will be less painful. But if you want some cool-looking styles, then there are many from which you can choose. You can go with zigzag patterns, curved braids patterns, swirl patterns, etc.
Or you can mix and match two hair braiding designs to create a new pattern altogether. Complex patterns will take longer, it can take a full day at a salon to get them done. If you want cornrows which can be created in a short period of time, then go with the half cornrows hairstyle.

Micro Braids

Mini braids or micro braids are another type of braids, which are great for medium or long hair. Mini or micro braids are nothing but very small and fine braids, which are created using the English braiding technique. A small section of the hair is taken, and with each section a braid is created.
This way all the sections of the hair will be braided. You can create different braid designs using micro braids. The design depends upon the hair section. You can take a square shape hair section and then start braiding, for a cool look. You can also take round or triangle shape hair sections.


Dreadlocks are also common long men's hairstyles. These are not exactly braids, but are a popular long hairstyle. They are done by back combing and rolling hair. The shape of the dreads can be very small or can be very thick, depending upon your choice.
The conventional size of the dreads is pencil thick. You can tie a ponytail to make your dreads more manageable.
These were the various designs of braids for men, and pictures displaying some cool braid styles. So choose a cool type and design of the braid, and get it done at a stylist. If you want to add more to your braids, then consider using a few accessories. You can use bandanna or headbands.
You can also use beads to secure the hair ends of mini hair braids. If you have a singular braid, then use a black rubber band to tie the braid. Always stick to some basic colors of hair accessories like black, red, gray, and beige.
Don't overdo the hairstyle using colorful hair accessories. Also, you need to oil your hair, shampoo it, and condition it regularly, to keep the braided hairstyle in a good condition.