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Business Casual Attire for Men

Parashar Joshi
The term 'business casual' hasn't been defined clearly by anyone thus far. Everyone's got some version of what this means, where offices have their own idea of how to dress casually to work, yet still exuding a professional edge.
As ambiguous as the idea of business casual attire is, we're all familiar in some way with what it entails―no baggy trousers or jeans, slouchy sweatshirts, T-shirts, or flip flops.
Companies that provide a dress code for employees don't do it to incorporate an offbeat atmosphere, but strictly for the purpose of presenting themselves as gentlemen that provide flawless work, which is substantiated by how they dress. It stems from the concept of what you see is what you get.
On the flip side, we have what we now call 'business casual attire'―suave, masculine, powerful, and just the right amount of fun. Its casual clothing with a little sprinkle of dapper and a dollop of chic. From boardroom meetings to drinks post sundown with the boys, business casuals ensure you are best dressed for both worlds.

Casual Chic: Cardigans and Sweaters

These two wardrobe staples are so essential, they've been featured in every men's magazine as the ultimate piece of clothing. Whether checkered or houndstooth, abstract or solid-toned, cardigans and sweaters cannot be dismissed for their obvious trend appeal.
Choose soft, breathable fabric brighter days, and slightly heavy fabric for chilly mornings. Pair your cardigan or sweater with a simple white or pastel-colored shirt, or experiment with bold colors.

Not-So-Bad Boy: Sport and Leather Jackets with Chinos

If there's one thing we know about patterns, is that it can turn a bleak day around, instantly. It can brighten up an ensemble with minimal elbow grease, giving you a sensational result every single time.
Pair dual-toned loafers and a leather or sport jacket (with old-fashioned detailing like elbow patches―as seen in the above image). Don't forget to add this to your list of must-buys if you don't have one―including the timeless leather jacket.
Chinos are a comfortable pair of trousers for any man, especially since they can be paired with practically anything. Avoid feminine motifs like floral and geometric. Light-reflective material is a strict no-no when putting together a business casual outfit.

Fashion Forward: Bow Ties, Patterned Button-Downs, and Suspenders

Suspender trousers aren't as passé as you think, when it comes to the world of fashion. While not every man can carry off a pair with élan, those of you who have a lean body will be able to take advantage of this impeccable addition to your outfit.
Pair suspender trousers with a subtly-striped/gingham-patterned shirt to draw attention to the simplicity of the outfit, but fully acknowledging just how voguish it is.
What we love most? Complete an outfit with the du jour of men's fashion―the bow tie. Whether in pastel or sorbet, patterned, spotted, or graphic, bow ties are our favorite go-to accessory. To help take away the seriousness that a vest otherwise encapsulates, adding a bow tie to your look would be a wise choice.

Versatile Comfort: Denim

We have Levi's to thank for revolutionizing the iconic pair of jeans. Denim has acquired all sorts of avatars, running wild and free from the bonds of its quintessential jeans-only reputation. Business casual attire may not make jeans as part of the dress code, but many companies are starting to embrace this closet staple.
Why do so many companies detest the idea of wearing a pair of jeans to work? First off, they need to actually fit. Well-fitted, ankle-high, skinny jeans, don't just look smart but they feel great. We suggest not trying an all-denim look if you aren't familiar with how to do this.
A plain white shirt will do the trick to create a visually pleasing contrast against all that denim. Don't be afraid to mix it up with a shirt in a lighter hue. Don't pair the same-colored denim from head to toe.

Every Man's Favorite: Khaki

Khaki pants don't have to be associated with safari trips in the sweltering heat of the African sun.
Now, khaki pants give us something a little different than what we're visually accustomed to―a style staple that comes in all sorts of sizes and variations from its boring ancestral roots.
It's out with the old and in with the new, no doubt! You can see for yourself how easy this piece of clothing blends into your business casual look, without being a fussy addition to work with.

The Fantasy Outfit: Suit Jackets

Ask a woman what her favorite piece of clothing is of a man's, and most of them will tell you it's a well-tailored, sharp suit jacket. Not only is this worn as part of an entire suit ensemble, but it can be taken away from its comfort zone by introducing it to a good pair of jeans or a smart pair of trousers.
The choices are endless when it comes to how you can incorporate the suit jacket into your look, so don't be afraid to experiment with different textures and patterns.
A good suit jacket is one where the shoulders are structured beautifully (not droopy, but with a teeny shoulder pad bulge), and a fitting that is close to the body but not excessively snug. Italians love their suits, and you'd be better off buying your suits from such brands. For a wide selection of to-die-for suit jackets, don't be afraid to browse online for unique pieces at a steal.
Business casual attire couldn't be more exciting to play around with, especially when there are so many options out there available to choose from. Clueless about how to put a look together? The images here should give you a good idea of how to do that. Take help from magazines like GQ that offer invaluable advice on how to take the drab out of office-wear.