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Chin Strap Beard Styles

Arjun Kulkarni Mar 16, 2020
Beards have evolved into numerous different styles. The chin strap style is becoming very popular. This article explains what this beard is like, and how to shave and grow one.
The chin strap is a type of beard whose popularity continues to grow among the male population. They all follow a similar pattern; they have a thin line of facial hair which starts from the upper jaw on one side of the face, goes around your chin, right to the other side, and looks a lot like a strap around your chin.


Growing a chin strap is a pretty easy task, as is maintaining it. All you need to do to is shave all the facial hair around your chin and then leave that hair the way it is.
After that, there is the simple matter of trimming it with a trimmer once in a week (depending on how fast the hair grows) while simultaneously shaving the rest of your facial hair off completely. All this makes the beard one of the easiest styles to grow and maintain.


The Basic Trim

The basic style is an evenly cropped strip of facial hair that runs down the upper jaw, right along the chin, and to the other side. You can vary the thickness of the strap depending upon what suits your face best, and it can be anywhere from a millimeter thick to an inch thick.
It is easy to maintain and all you need to do is trim it once in a while and shave the surrounding hair off. For a different effect, you could also grow a mustache and a French beard with the strap, but maintaining the whole thing can be a real headache.

The Broken One

Here, the beard runs to the lower jaw on both sides of the face, but not below it. This beard is even easier to maintain because trimming the strap around the chin can be a little bit tricky. That part is completely eliminated in the broken style.

The Pointed Strap

This one goes great with a bald look. Here, the strap starts thick at the upper jaw, but then tapers towards the lower jaw. Like the broken strap, the two sides are not connected. You can extend it along the lower jaw as well, for a different effect.
Another cool thing you can do is grow a soul patch. The pointed beard is slightly more difficult to maintain, as shaving the facial hair around the chin symmetrically on both sides of the face can be a problem.

The Thin Strap

The last of the styles is the thin beard. This looks pretty good if you do not have a thick hair. It is as thin as a line drawn with a pencil. It's easy to maintain and looks neat.