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Classy Ways to Wear a DB Suit

Meghraj Dhabale Mar 22, 2020
A DB or double-breasted jacket is considered the ultimate formal attire, and every well-dressed gentleman must have one for any important occasion. The type of DB jacket (the fabric, color, and texture) you sport, coveys volumes about your taste and personality.
It is said that style is one of the most powerful methods of non-verbal communication. And when we discuss men's style, talk naturally veers towards suits. A well-cut suit speaks volumes about the wearer, it epitomizes elegance and style. Among the various suits popularly worn, a DB suit stands apart.
The DB suit first hit the fashion scene in the 1930s, but gradually faded away in the 1950s. And as fashion repeats itself after every couple of decades, they reemerged in the 1980s, only to disappear at the turn of the millennium.
Today, DB suits and jackets are back in vogue, and with the multifarious styles available, choosing the right one for the right occasion can be tricky. Here are some classy ways to wear them.

A brown quadra fabric DB jacket with vest coat

A dark-colored quadra fabric DB jacket is best-suited for a groom, and it is the "quadra" factor of the attire that makes him the showman of the event.

Celebrities usher in a new style

Fans of the mighty Iron Man, look closely, he has really changed the way a DB jacket is worn. He flaunts it with a formal shirt and fancy sneakers, ain't it cool? Such creative innovations from celebrities go viral and soon become a fashion trend.

For the foremost person of the event

A DB jacket in a dark shade, milky-white shirt, pale-colored graphic printed tie, and very importantly, golden buttons of the jacket, are sure to grab eyeballs at the event or meeting. This look implicitly conveys leadership.

Let's roll honey!

A DB jacket paired with a fade-colored shirt, a Trilby or Fedora hat, and semi-formal leather shoes looks awesome. The posture of the body and stance of the person reflects the body language, which is sure to enhance the effect of the attire.

The perfectionist look

To achieve the exemplary professional look, pair a bright DB jacket, with an ivory white shirt and black tie. A well-groomed goatee and a pair of decent eyeglasses are sure to clinch the look. If you feel confident enough, sport a nice pair of earrings.

Dark-colored DB jackets look hot in winter

This winter opt for a black DB jacket paired with a flashy red scarf, don't forget to pull up the collar. Sporting a well-trimmed mustache or beard will not only keep you warm but will also make you appear hot and more manly.

A beige DB jacket with blue chinos will rock the party

A beige DB jacket along with a relatively dark-colored muffler around the neck, blue chinos, and formal black shoes - they are sure to add sizzle to the attire. It's a perfect party attire.

A black cotton DB jacket, white high-neck T-shirt, and khaki chinos

A DB jacket paired with khaki chinos is one of the coolest ways of flaunting your fashion quotient.
A trendy haircut and semi-formal leather shoes, or a pair of Converse, increases the charisma of the look.

A DB jacket with zips on the pockets looks awesome

A dark, metallic-shine leather DB jacket with snap buttons on the neck and zips on the pockets lends a mean rough edge to the attire.
Flaunt this look with the right haircut, ala Arnold Schwarzenegger in the epic movie "Terminator - 2".