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Useful Information About Concealers for Men

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
These days, many cosmetic companies have launched their own line of special concealers for men
Men and women essentially have different skin tones as well as texture. A woman's skin is fairer, smoother, and softer than a man's skin. Naturally, the cosmetic products for women are formulated considering the needs of a woman's skin. These products either do not suit men or don't produce the desired results on them.
Guessing the demand, many cosmetic companies have formulated concealers that cater exclusively to men's skin woes. These concealers are available in a gamut of shades, so as to suit every skin tone.

Acne Concealer

Acne concealers are in great demand for both men and women alike. Although these concealers are not effective for camouflaging fresh acne marks, they mostly work great for old acne spots.
Most concealers for men are oil based, however acne concealers are an exception. The reason is, the oil from the concealers often clogs the pores of the skin, worsening the condition of the acne. An oil free concealer alleviates this problem.
Also, the pimple concealer contains salicylic acid, which helps in exfoliation of dead skin, thereby facilitating the healing process of acne.
These concealers also have a green tint, which is particularly effective in blending with the red spots underneath, so that the result is more natural looking. An acne concealer is very useful in effectively hiding the acne spots, especially if the spots are small.

Under Eye Concealer

An under eye concealer for men works pretty similar to the one for women. It is oil free and long-lasting. It contains moisturizing ingredients which keep the under eye region well hydrated.
The oil free formula prevents the concealer from creasing or settling in the fine lines under the eyes. The concealer blends well with your skin and successfully disguises the dark circles. This is a great product to render a refreshing look to your tired eyes.
Under eye concealer is mostly available in three shades. One tip while choosing the right shade of concealer for dark circles is that, you should always go for one which is one shade darker than your facial skin tone.
If you go for a lighter one or one that matches your skin tone, you will most likely end up with grayish looking skin beneath your eyes. Also, it renders your skin a sunken, sallow appearance. Hence, always choose a perfect shade for your under eye concealer.
If you are looking for the right concealer for men, choose the one according to your problem areas. Also, application of the concealer is of utmost importance, if you want to avoid looking unnatural.