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Costume Ideas for Guys to Look Like a Nerd

Sai Kardile
If you are in the mood to give a spin to your style by aping that guy you knew who played with the calculator and practically felt denuded of his fashion sense without suspenders and sweater vest, then you have arrived at the right place. We present to you 4 costume ideas for guys to look like nerds.

Be the New Harry Potter in Town

Round rimmed glasses are selling like hot cakes as if Harry himself has cast some spell over it. This eye-wear trend surely spells sex appeal in our nerd-land.
Telling you how monumental job your togs do in projecting your style is like teaching Scotty to drive a star-ship. It's out there for our minds to grasp. However, for any weaponry to be efficacious, it has to be deftly handled. So, if you think garbing up like a nerd is just like another cog working in the fashion machine, then we're afraid you are mistaken.
You don't overdo the nerd look to look like one. In this case, moderation takes precedence. Just like a nerd knows the chemistry formulas right, you will need to know the right pieces that will make you look like a nerd. Here is a style guide to know some 'nerdy' fashion tricks that will sublimate the boring to brilliant.

Nerd Costume Ideas for Men

Drip Nerdy Casualness

For the nerd look to be stereo-typically complete, it has to have nerd glasses (the colorful ones will add a likable pop to your nerd look) and argyle print.
Bring out the nerd in you by teaming up your shorts with a white shirt and striped sweater and uh-uh, don't miss the look-locking canvas shoes. And yes! The messenger bag as well that comes with good hardware and a vintage feel.

Amp Up Your Nerdy Mojo

Complement your nerd rags with a bow tie, and not just any bow tie but the one that has a look-able interplay of colors and textures.
This look is inspired from the traditional nerd―the one who props his trousers with suspenders and prefers his garbs layered. The vest is another essential for the emerging smart nerd.

Transmute into a Babe Magnet

This look attracts to the chic geek who is fashionable and irresistible. Morph from a nerd boy to a man who knows how to enmesh style with business, and meld charisma with a old charm. A nice wool blend plaid jacket looks sensuously far-out with a tantalizingly contrast bow tie. Cut the perfect nerd figure with Wellington glasses and suede Oxford shoes.

Turn into a Nerd Simpatico

He is your archetypal nerd boy next door, but with a consolidated awareness of his nerdy appeal. He is bursting with the casual nerd personality in that checks shirt and jeans.
The bow tie enmeshes the nerdy with chivalry, and throws the nerd into sharp relief. Don't slip up on the footwear; you can either integrate a neutral color or elect one that will playfully banter with your cardigan's or shirt's color.
Last advice: Never skimp on accessories, be that a vintage wrist watch, a briefcase, or eye glasses. Make stylishly sage investments that will carry you through many decades. Till then, cheerio and be all nerd and dandy.