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Creative Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Arjun Kulkarni Mar 3, 2020
Tired of giving your girlfriend the same old roses and chocolates? Floor her this time by giving some creative gifts. In this write-up, we shall provide you with some really great ideas for personalized gifts that you can give and keep the spark alive.
Your girlfriend's birthday is around the corner? Why don't you make her a special homemade gift? There is nothing in the world that says 'I Love You' more than the perfect gift with a personal touch. This time you can plan and make it really special for her. Well, if that's what your plan is, then you have come on to the right page!
And if it isn't her birthday, no problem! You don't need a reason to show your love and affection towards her. Girls love surprises. Make sure your gifts are unique and of her interests. The given ideas will help you out in picking out some of the best gifts that your girlfriend would ever have.

Best Personal Gift Ideas for Her

Being creative means something unique, and surprising. So, the best way to floor her, is to give one of these homemade gifts. After all, it's the thought that counts, right? She will absolutely love them and will be overwhelmed when she learns about the efforts that you put in behind the gifts.


Instead of buying your girlfriend a card on her birthday, why don't you make one yourself? A card is simple to make. All you have to do is to cut a piece from a fancy cardboard paper and write in some sweet things for her. And voila! Your special card is ready!


One of the most special gifts that you can ever make for your love is a personalized diary. For this, you can record all the moments you have spent with her and write how much you enjoyed them. Paste in some of your pictures together.
On all the days where you didn't meet her, you can write how much you missed her, a love letter, a sweet poem, or a song for her. A diary gives you ample space to put in your thoughts, so you can also write other things like '100 Reasons Why I Love You', etc.

Song Book

In a song book, you can manually write down all her favorite songs and some cute messages at the end of each one! You can also give her a CD with all these songs. You can record them all in your own voice and gift it to her. You can also get accompaniment for your singing with karaoke versions of her favorite songs or play a musical instrument if you can!


You can take anything from actual gemstones to imitation jewelry to some silly, plastic blocks with letters on them, and make her a bracelet or a necklace. If you can, try finding a pendant to go with it. An idea of making a jewelry at home is creative and quite simple too! 

Gift Baskets

A gift basket makes things relatively easier. All you have to do is put in some random necessities along with some of the mentioned gifts together and wrap them up in a nice basket! You can put in all her favorite things and gift the basket to her.

Other Random Gift Ideas

One most interesting thing you can enchant her with, is a cozy, romantic candle-light dinner at home or your terrace under the stars. Instead of taking her out, why don't you impress her with your cooking skills? If you don't have any, order a pizza!
You could even try your hands at making a soft toy or make her a bouquet of flowers. And if all fails, take her for a long ride out of town for a nice, romantic picnic, or an adventurous and romantic weekend getaway.
So, now you know that creative and personalized gifts for your girlfriend are not too hard to come up with. A simple formula is to take a gift already in the market, and see if you can make it yourself. After all, she'll appreciate your effort more than anything else! Good luck with it!