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Different Tuxedo Styles for Men

Cheryl Mascarenhas
Ah, what a sight, men in tuxedos and women in gowns. Whether it's prom night or the big D-day itself, a man is incomplete without the fabulous tux. This story brings you a few tux styles to try on and make that lasting impression.

I bet you didn't know...

the term Tuxedo is derived from the phonetics of 'P'tauk-seet-tough', the name of an Algonquin tribe chief, meaning 'home of the bear'.
Think tuxedo and all I can picture is George Clooney in his impeccable, yet elegant avatar. If the actors walking down the red carpet cause many a girls heart to flutter, why shouldn't a respectable man come out looking his best. I feel a man in a tux definitely radiates charisma that is sure to attract a lot of attention.
Ever since the 19th century, showing up for a formal occasion in a tuxedo has been a sign of being well-dressed. You would wonder, what is it that makes the man in tux so desirable? Well, there is absolutely no harm in a man dressing up to look good, and more importantly, feel good.
Whatever be the reason, sporting a tuxedo for that special day or prom night is absolutely essential. I would say, it is akin to a style statement, and a flattering one at that.

Wondering What to Choose?

Traditional and Contemporary
If you go by the tuxedo etiquette laid down by veterans, you would definitely have to choose the traditional style of tuxedo. The underlying rule is as simple as remembering 'black is gold'. Think traditional and think black, they are synonyms.
The look is complete only if you are dressed in woven woolen fabric in black, white shirt, with a black tie, a cummerbund, and a vest. Your look is definitely incomplete without black shoes. It is absolutely mandatory to opt for the traditional style at weddings and formal parties.
The contemporary style on the other hand, allows you to experiment with colors and styles. Sported at informal events and prom events, the contemporary style radiates youth and vibrancy.
Cummerbund and Ties
Wearing a cummerbund and tie completes the classic tuxedo look.
Wear the pleats facing up. The cummerbund works well to conceal pockets, giving the waist a slim look. It goes well with shawl lapels and single-breasted tuxedos.
Gray and White Vests
Vests and cummerbunds are essential pieces of clothing that help to conceal the trousers' waistband and the exposed shirt's bosom. Vests compliment the tuxedo jacket and are generally made to match the jacket's facing.
Peaked, Shawl, and Notched Lapel
While the peaked lapel is considered to be more formal, the notched lapel is the new hot favorite for formal wear.
The shawl lapel, on the other hand, conveys a softer image and traditional look. The peaked lapel will make you look dashing, the notch is flattering, and the shawl is classic.
High and Low V
Most single-breasted tuxedos have a deep 'V' shape that imitates the torso. The double-breasted variety, though gaining popularity, is considered to be less formal. While you can opt for either, do remember to wear a cummerbund or vest along with the single-breasted tuxedo.
Experiment With Ties
While a tuxedo calls for classic bow ties, you can experiment with a whole lot of styles.
If you are going for a formal occasion, you should rather stick to the traditional style and go in for the black bow tie or one that matches your cummerbund.
While prom dates are a whole different ball game, you would like to remember the basic etiquette of tuxedo dressing. The tuxedo, unlike the regular suit, has to meet the desired requirements - including the fabric, trousers, waistcoat and shiny shoes. Ultimately remember, if your suit looks good, you will too.