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Does She Like Me?

Parashar Joshi Mar 1, 2020
No matter what your age is, the moment you start liking a girl, you want to know whether she does so too. Well, here are two plausible scenarios for you to comprehend and get an answer.
Does she like me? (pluck!)
Does she not like me? (pluck!)
Does she like me? (pluck!)
Does she not like me? (pluck!)
Does she like me? (pluck!)
Does she not like me? (pluck!)

Even if you pluck away all the petals of all the flowers of all the trees in all the parks, it still won't provide you with the elusive answer to this question. There are a few ways of deducing whether or not a girl likes you and, plucking petals or flipping coins is not one of them!
So if you're just back from a first date with a girl, how do you know if she likes you? Can it be done through some sort of a quiz? Well, let us find out!

Scenario 1

Let us consider a scenario in which both you and the girl in question happen to know each other and are friends. If, at a certain point of time, you find that there is a change in her behavior towards you (in a good way), your male brain will start ticking more than usual.
You will begin to wonder whether she has started liking you, whether she is interested in dating you, etc. Well, for starters, of course she likes you! Why else would she befriend you in the first place? Sadly, that is not the type of 'like' that is being questioned here.
You need to know whether she 'likes-likes' you, i.e., whether she has started experiencing feelings of affection or romance towards you. Well, the simplest way to find that out would be to walk up to her and ask her!
But no guy ever does that, and no guy ever will. So the only option that remains is to watch out for signs, signals, hidden clues, and any other thing which might give you the answer that you're looking for.
Watch out for her body language.

  • Does she secretly glance at you from time to time?
  • Does she roll her fingers round her hair and play with it to catch your attention?
  • Does she dress up differently in an effort to make you notice her?
  • Does she stand up for you and defend you stoutly in any argument?
  • Does she laugh at your jokes regardless of how poor they are?

Scenario 2

Consider a scenario wherein you and the girl in question happen to see each other regularly in a common place; for example, the bus, train, school, tuition class, office, etc. The both of you know each other by face, but not personally. You catch her eyeing you on more than one occasion, and you wonder if she has feelings for you.
Well, since in this case you don't know the other person, you would naturally have to rely on all possible signs and signals to find the answer.
In addition to all the points mentioned earlier, here are a few signs or behavioral characteristics that you should watch out for:

  • She tries to catch your eye and smiles when she does.
  • She dresses attractively (not necessarily provocatively) and tries to get your attention.
  • You find her regularly passing by your desk for no apparent or logical reason.
  • She stands with a group of friends nearby, playing with her fingers or her hair, and glances at you fleetingly.
These were some things that you need to be on the lookout for, in order to tame those fluttery feelings inside you. As we sign off, here's a bit of parting advice. If you're still unclear about whether or not she likes you, try speaking to a couple of her friends. That should give you a better idea and a more accurate one at that.