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Choosing an Electric Razor for Sensitive Skin

The various factors to look into while buying an electric razor are discussed here.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Shaving can be an agonizing for those who have sensitive skin. An electric razor can be a great option for such people, as it does not come too close to your skin, thereby protecting it from cuts and bruises. However, not every razor available in the market can suit your skin. Therefore, it is necessary to understand your needs before buying one.

Choosing the Best Electric Razor

Purpose of Shaving

Do you have to close shave every day to keep your face smooth and hair free? Or do you only trim your facial hair, so as to prevent them from overgrowing? Depending upon your purpose of shaving, you will have to choose from foil blade razors and rotary blade razors.
Foil shavers are most suited for people who shave everyday and have easily irritated skin. It consists of a thin metal foil which prevents the cutter from coming directly in contact with the skin. This prevents any damage to sensitive skin. However, it is not recommended for cutting long hair.
On the other hand, rotary blades have spinning discs that are equipped with floating heads which adjust to your facial contours and give you spectacular results. This type can efficiently trim long hair. Foil and rotary shavers have quite a few variations depending upon the number of foils and heads respectively.

Power Consumption

Electric razors are available in two types: plug-in charging unit or battery powered. While going for a plug-in mode, you have to make sure that the razor is fully charged before using. For that purpose, it is important to determine the time the razor remains powered.
Battery powered shavers are not suitable for everyday use due to their low efficiency in terms of power consumption. They are best suited as a travel gear.


Mobility is an important factor for the ease of shaving. Plug-in or cordless shavers offer maximum mobility along with better results. Battery powered ones also provide good mobility, but as mentioned before, their usage should be for travel only. Corded shavers impede the mobility as their cord tends to get in the way of shaving.

Lotion Dispenser

Some electric shavers come with a lotion dispenser, which makes the hair soft for a cleaner shave. This can be a useful feature for sensitive skin, which needs to be moisturized and protected. However, a lotion dispenser may clog the shaver, making it difficult to clean.

Ease of Cleaning

Sensitive skin is very prone to infections resulting from unhygienic conditions. Therefore, you must clean the shaver after every usage or at least after every 2-3 uses. Depending upon the type, the method of cleaning may differ. Foil shavers are easier to clean than the rotary ones, however the thin foil must be protected while cleaning.
An electric razor is a great option for you if you are not very concerned about the smoothness of the shave, since it does not give the results of a regular manual razor. However, an electric one is easier and faster to use. Moreover, it is less messy and can be used on dry hair.