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Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Men

Mamta Mule
Are you planning to get a trendy haircut that will give you a cool makeover? Well, then you must try the faux hawk haircut. With the haircut, get some tips on styling your stands in the best men's faux hawk hairstyles.
Faux hawk hairstyles offer a great option to style your hair in a trendy way. As hairstyling and haircuts are no longer restricted to the female class, you can find many men opting to deck up their hair in the most fashionable ways. Well, faux hawk is one such hairstyle for men that gives them a classic makeover.
Faux hawk is a hairstyle with extreme features that can be mixed and matched to create a style that gives you an out-of-the-crowd appearance. Well, I am sure that all you guys are eager to find out the best faux hawk hairstyles for men and try out one of them very soon, right? Here are the options to checkout.

Different Ways to Achieve the Faux Hawk

The Haircut

In any of these hairstyles, basic style of cutting hair remains the same. This haircut basically involves cutting hair on each side and keeping longer hair on top of your head, especially those near your hairline. The hair on both sides and back is cut slightly shorter than the hair on top of the head.
Remember that the length of section of hair on each side and back of your head is 'slightly shorter' and not very short as compared to the hair on top of your head. Recently many men opt for a faux hawk wherein the hair on sides is not cut short and kept at least 1 to 1½ inch long and styled using hair gel.
With this basic faux hawk haircut you can try out various hairstyles. In most of the faux hawk styles for men, the section of hair on top of the head is commonly manipulated. Let me tell you that spikes are the primary feature of most of the modern hairstyles. You can create classic hairstyles by styling hair into stunning spikes and by using gels and styling sprays.

Popular Faux Hawk

In the most popularly styled faux hawk, hair on top of the head is spiked, with rest of the hair just combed and swept backwards or towards the front.
You can create a cool look by applying gel to the hair near hairline on each side and sweeping the front row in flat spiky pattern over the face. Next, let the top spikes face right upwards or towards the front.

The Sober Look

For a sophisticated touch, the long hair on top of the head is side swept by adding a side part. This side swept hair is styled into soft spikes using gel. Hair on sides will be combed backwards or kept simple by combing it downwards towards the ears.
Hair on back of the head is also kept simple. The faux hawk can be the best thing to opt for if you want to add a touch of spice to the soft formal look.

Glamorous Fohawk

For an ultra glamorous effect, spikes are highlighted using hair colors. Amongst the various hair coloring techniques, frosted tips or hair highlights are most popularly used in faux hawk. Frosted tips can create a wonderful effect with extreme shades of hair color.
In such a hairstyle, the hair on the back is also spiked along with the hair on top of the head. Moreover, the spiky effect is much prominent. Men also don spiky bangs with strands of hair on top of head standing straight up, a few inches high!

For the Cool You...

The messy faux hawk can be something to try out in case you are walking out in your cool casuals. The messy faux hawk can be simply combed and styled with your fingers. If you want a more defined look, use styling gel to create that messy look. Well, spikes in each direction can be the trick to get that messy, yet extremely happening look!
Faux hawk hairstyles are already a hot favorite of men. With the various styling options and ways to get a look suitable for your outfit, this is definitely a perfect pick for the season.