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Formal Attire for Men

Here are some aspects of formal attire that are sure to help you.
Saptakee Sengupta
Men usually wear formal attire at weddings, business meetings, job interviews, funerals, races, social gatherings, etc. Formals are also a dress code in many offices. Sometimes, you can get confused while choosing the right type of clothes for different occasions.
Other times, you are not able to select the right shirt to go with your pants, and then choosing the color of your tie becomes even tougher. In a state of confusion, you end up attending the occasion with a messy combination for an outfit. It can get quite embarrassing when you show up wearing the wrong thing to formal events. Here are some tips to for you.


White is the safest color formal shirts. A white shirt is just right for job interviews. Light shades like off-white, light blue, and pale yellow also give a more relaxed look.
At parties or social gatherings, you can even try darker shades like coffee brown, black, navy blue, and dark gray full-sleeved shirts. Tuxedo shirts with winged or turn-down collars look stunning. Classic tuxedo shirts with pleats in the front also look great. Don't go for any transparent materials.


The color of the trousers should complement the shirt. If you are wearing a light-colored shirt, your pants should be darker. Dark-colored pants go well with dark shirts as well. For example, a deep coffee brown shirt looks good on black trousers. It's very important to get a good fit while choosing your pants. Pants with pleats in the front are classics.


The color of the tie is one of the most important aspects of a formal outfit. The right color adds elegance to the outfit. The tie shouldn't be too flashy or too bright.
A black tie perfectly suits a white tuxedo or a white formal shirt.
Dark-colored ties in blue, brown, or gray also go well with light-colored formal shirts. Wear a light-colored tie while attending any formal occasion in the morning. Dark-colored ties usually look good for evening events.
Avoid flashy colors like yellow, orange, fluorescent pink, etc. Satin ties with classic designs are a good choice for parties. At semi-formal occasions, you can exclude the tie and only wear a formal shirt and pants with a jacket.


Jackets are not always a must with formal outfits. Stylish coats and jackets are perfect for weddings and parties. A white tuxedo shirt with a black jacket and tie is the ultimate no-fail formal outfit. Light-colored jackets look nice for morning events.
You can select from a wide range of materials when it comes to jackets. The jacket must have a stylish cut with neat buttons. Do not pick bold colors like red, orange, etc. You can complement your toned-down jacket with the color of your shirt.


Your attire is incomplete without a good pair of shoes. Wear stylish shoes, people always notice. Shoes reflect status. A jet black, formal, laced shoe goes well with all types of formal outfits. Never opt for colorful shoes. You can try a dark brown, laced shoe with light-colored shirts and pants.


Choose a matte finished jet black leather belt. Go for stylish silver buckles, not golden. A wide brown belt also looks classy. Once again, say no to flashy colors for belts. Make sure that the color of your belt matches your shoes.

Formal Business Attire

Be careful while choosing business attire because your outfit can reflect your persona. A traditional business suit with or without a matching waistcoat is ideal. Your suit must be well-tailored and made of a high quality material. Black, dark gray, or navy blue shades look best on men.
Your shirt should be white or another light color with a button down collar. Add elegance with good cuff links. The tie should be conservative, solid-colored silk. Patent leather or smooth leather shoes with laces are the best. Slip-on leather shoes are also good.
You can create variations of formal outfits depending on the type of occasion. Always have a good eye for colors that are conducive to the event. Above all, your elegant attire will suit you only when you stride with confidence.