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Fu Manchu Mustache

Rahul Thadani Mar 2, 2020
One of the most recognized and popular choice of mustache styles is the Fu Manchu. This has been around for many decades now, and is widely related to villains from Chinese movies. It's ease of growth and maintenance make it widely popular among many men.
A Fu Manchu mustache has been a popular choice of mustache styles for men for a long time now. It is one of the most easily recognizable and distinct facial hair styles that has long been in vogue, and it has already received its fair share of publicity and popularity.
In the United States, the famous wrestler Hulk Hogan can be seen sporting this mustache style; it is also extremely popular amongst various bikers and rock musicians.


The term was first coined in 1929 after the release of a film called The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu. This film was based on a 1913 novel called The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu by an English author Sax Rohmer.
The main character in the story was a certain Dr. Fu Manchu, and even though the book had no mention of him sporting a mustache, the film showed him with a mustache that resembles what is now known as the Fu Manchu mustache. The name of the mustache became synonymous with the name of this character and it has caught on since then.


People who sport mustaches Fu Manchu style, portray a roughened masochistic character, as this is the image the mustache gives. The description of the mustache is simple to get, and subsequently, it is easy to grow and groom as well.
The Fu Manchu covers the upper lip and runs down from both the sides of the mouth till the chin. The connecting beard between the end portions on the chin is shaved off and this lends a fairly dangerous look to the person sporting it.
For an easier way to envisage a Fu Manchu style mustache, think of a proper goatee without the hair on the chin. Thus there is no connecting portion between the two ends and these ends can be groomed to look very thick or very thin.

Growing a Fu Manchu Mustache

Growing a Fu Manchu is a fairly simple task, and the first thing one should do is grow a goatee. This enables one to observe and know the amount of hair that appears as the bars of the mustache, and also makes it easier to complete the transition between goatee and the Fu Manchu style.
Once the goatee has grown to the right level the connecting portion on the chin can then be shaved off to complete the customary look of the Fu Manchu. The maintenance and grooming of the mustache is obviously necessary, and this is something that will have to be undertaken on a daily basis.


The process of grooming a Fu Manchu is not a very hard one, and all it requires is a few minutes every day. Shaving around the mustache on a regular basis ensures that the shape of the mustache remains.
Maintaining the distinctness of the shape of the bars is crucial to the grooming, and for this purpose a mustache trimmer also needs to be used regularly.
Mustache wax can also be used by some people in order to get the hair at the bottom ends of the mustache to stay closely bound together. In case the mustache is not turning out the way you want it to be, you can always shave it off and start over again.
A lot of Oriental Chinese movies depict the villains sporting a Fu Manchu. This has somewhat led to a belief that the mustache is slightly 'villainous' in nature. As a result of this, some Hollywood movies have also depicted the villains sporting such mustaches. This has all further added to the image of harshness and roughness associated with the Fu Manchu.
There are many mustache and beard styles that can be sported by men, and the room for experimentation is very vast indeed. Some mustache styles though, especially Fu Manchu, have developed their own identity over the years due to their large-scale depiction in mainstream media.