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Haircut Designs to Help You Up Your Style Quotient

Stephen Rampur
When it comes to haircut designs for boys, you can be as creative as you want. A cool design on your head is sure to make other heads turn in your direction.
People try many different ways to attract attention. One of the best, effective ways to do so is using good hairstyles and designs. If you look around, out of the ordinary hairstyles are not uncommon.
You will certainly be amazed to see the creative thinking that is put into making them. Fade haircut designs can also be used to make your head look somewhat different. They mostly look good on short hair.

Wearing Fade Haircut Designs

This is a good way to attract attention. The sharpness and prominence of your style largely depends on the length and color of the hair. People wear cool designs, and use hair color ideas to make them look more attractive.
However, to keep your unique, customized look apparent, you will have to visit the hairstylist very often. Crosscheck and make sure that the hairstylist is a true professional, and capable of giving you the hairstyle of your choice.


You can think of a concept that will make the people laugh or admire the art.
Funny Designs
A humorous design is a tattoo of a person using a grass cutter on the hair. You can cut some of the hair to show that the hair in that area is being cut by the grass cutter.
This will be fascinating as well as funny for onlookers. You can also try different designs that will give a funny touch to your hair.


You can have your haircut in such a way, that only the hair in the shape of a star is visible. You can use hair color to paint the stars in any color you want, with good alternatives being silver, green, and red.
Tribal Look
On a faded or a buzzed haircut, you can use curling patterns that are used in tribal tattoos. This will really make your haircut stand out in a crowd.
Many people choose to make various symbols on their head, such as an exclamation or a question mark. Haircuts with brand logos are used by those who are crazy about certain brands.


You can get your hair sheared in the pattern of a name. Mostly, it's the name by which a person is popular amongst his friends. Getting the name of someone close to you, is also a good idea. Popular phrases can be used.


A unique idea is to cut the hair in the shape of a person's face. It appears as if the person has another face at the back of his head. Many people even prefer to cut their hair in a manner which will look vulgar, so as to show off their rebellious nature.
If you do not want to wear a fade cut, you can use cornrows, and choose from a wide range of design patterns. You can either make designs with the help of remaining hair or the haircut itself.
Just remember that it is simply a matter of exploring art, choosing the appropriate design, and getting the haircut done from a skillful hairstylist. If you are confused as to which designs will suit you the best, you can visit a hairstylist. He will give you good ideas regarding those that are in vogue.