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How to Apologize and Make Up with Your Wife After a Fight

Hemangi Harankhedkar Mar 5, 2020
You had a fight with your significant other and now want to say sorry. This story will help you make up with your wife in an effective way.
Fights and relations are two inseparable things. Every relation, whether between siblings, friends or partners is prone to fights and the breaking and making up process. Always view fights through a positive angle; they add an exciting bump to the extra smooth road which tends to become boring with time.
The apologizing process after the fight will get you close to your better half and will only make your bond stronger and deeper. If you had a long argument session with your wife and now want to apologize and make up with her, keep reading the article further for some workable ways.

Spend Quality Time

The conversation part is of utmost importance in any relationship. Fights and misunderstandings usually occur because of lack of communication and understanding. So if there had been a serious and loud fight between you two, you need to take some time out from your busy schedule and sort out issues with your wife.
Talk out all the differences, it will make you feel better. If there are consistent fights, you need to spend time with each other discussing what you expect from the relationship.

Surprise Her

What follows after a verbal fight is a cold war. But at the back of the mind if you love the person, you want him or her to show the love. Thus your wife is expecting you to apologize to her. Leave aside your ego and surprise her with something that will make her smile. A good way to convey 'you are sorry' is keeping notes for her.
For this way, you will need to do some night work. Write some notes with 'I am sorry' and a smiley face and plant these notes at places which your wife will surely visit. Seeing the cute notes will make anyone smile, even the most grumpy wife. Talk out your differences with her after this. You can use plenty of other ways to surprise 'her'.
Gift her something or do something for the reason you had fought. If she is not at home, leave a romantic and emotional message for her.

Write a Letter

Letters have the charm and you can easily convey what you feel through it. A well written letter also shows the other person that you have given a deep thought to the situation. Through an apology letter, express what went wrong and why it went wrong, explain to your wife that you didn't want to hurt her and fight like you did.
After explaining everything about the fight and your feelings, conclude writing something that will put a bright smile on her face! For example, "seeing you smile makes my day, smile at me once and make my day!" Writing a letter will take some time if you are not a pro at it, but it will surely work in your favor...

Ask Her Out... Again!

Another workable way of apologizing and showing love is asking her out in a similar way like you had in your courtship days. This will bring back your cherished memories and will make her forget the bitterness.
It's all about being romantic, because a woman, no matter how hard she looks, deep inside loves romance and being pampered. Once you get her smiling, she herself will talk out her fears and complaints to you. Problem solved.
These were some tips to help you make up and apologize to your wife. Frequent fights and cold wars are disturbing and annoying, but do not let ego take control of your relationship. To make life beautiful and enjoyable, there should be care, understanding and a healthy balance of love and fights... All the best!