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How to Apologize to Your Girlfriend

Kundan Pandey Mar 2, 2020
You can't bear the silence anymore and you sincerely wish to talk to her, but you're dumbfounded on the ways of to apologize to your girlfriend. Given in this story are tips that can help you mend your relationship.
Arguments and small fights between couples are signs of a healthy relationship, only till they don't turn into big fights, followed by days or weeks of silence. Those who have been there, say that more than the noise of fights, it is the silence post-fight that is frustrating.
Some men find it difficult to apologize to their girlfriend or wife. But before the fight is blown out of proportion and leads to further damage in the relationship, it is worth saying sorry and making amends.

Acceptance is the Key

Apologizing for lying or any other mistake of yours, can become very easy, if you accept that it. Relax for sometime and think from an unbiased viewpoint. To do so, you need to let go of your ego for sometime. Mentally prepare yourself for seeking an apology.
Decide that by the end of discussion you will reach a conclusion. Also, understand that various relationship stages go through ups and downs, so, you should not get negative about the whole process.

Wait for the Right Time

Don't proceed immediately for seeking an apology, once you have made your decision. Wait for the right time. If you approach her when she is in a bad mood, it may cause further problems. Don't let your apology come out at a wrong time and a wrong place.
After all, a poor apology can be very insulting. To quote, Gilbert Keith Chesterton, "A stiff apology is a second insult ... The injured party does not want to be compensated because he has been wronged; he wants to be healed because he has been hurt."

Do Emotional Catharsis

You're feeling guilty of hurting her and making her cry. But then, you're also angry with her for talking rudely to you and not understanding your viewpoint, in a way you thought is correct.
If you are feeling any negative emotions, then you should wait for them to leave your head before going to her. Why? Because, you may end up getting it all out in one go, and snapping at her. Instead go for a run, vent out your frustration and anger elsewhere, and then approach her with a cool mind. Do whatever you can to purge out your negative emotions.

Say that You Love Her

Tell her that you love her and all the arguments were not intended to hurt her, and make her cry. They were just discussions and you lost your temper. Feel free to say "sorry", but do it sincerely.
You can use sorry poems and apology gifts to convey your apologies. Writing an apology letter and giving her when you're out on your walk or drive, is a great way to bring things to normal.

It Ain't So Easy

She won't be so easy to convince so, obviously, you have got to do something extra to please her. Cook for her or surprise her at work with a bouquet of flowers, so that she gets the message that you are really sorry for your actions and words.
Apologizing after a huge row is tough, but always give her some time to cool down. Just make sure that you do not give her too much time that she will make a decision of walking away.
If the love between you two is strong, then just go, take her in your arms, look into her eyes, and say you are sorry, and she means the world to you. She will surely melt and forgive you on the spot.