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How to Ask a Girl to Homecoming

Parashar Joshi
How to ask a girl to homecoming? Now, that is a question that has baffled many minds. Here are some ways that can help you feel confident to get your crush to say "yes" to homecoming.
When you think of homecoming, you inevitably think of dancing and a lovely date to dance with! So, if you've set your eyes on a pretty face, don't you think you should ask her to homecoming before some other like-minded guy does? Listed ahead are a few ideas and suggestions that can help you in your task of asking your crush to homecoming.


Well, before you actually walk up to her and ask her for a date to the homecoming, it would be good (and wise) for you to do a small background check on her availability status, i.e., whether she is single and available, or if she is dating someone. Proceed only if she is single, or else move on to someone else.
Now, even if you find out that your prospective date is single, that does not mean you can immediately walk up to her and ask her out. You need to get to know her a little bit before you can actually pop the question.
In any case, do you think any sensible girl will say "yes" to a total stranger or someone that she barely knows? Well, of course she won't! Therefore, you need to initiate some sort of conversation with her in an effort to get to know her, and for her to get to know you.
If you prefer being traditional and non-fussy about it, then you could simply walk up to her with a single fresh flower (carnation, rose, etc.) in your hand, and ask her if you could have the pleasure of her charming company at the homecoming dance.
If you have any poetic traits or skills, perhaps you could come up with a short sonnet complimenting her and requesting her to accompany you to the homecoming. If your pretty damsel has a fancy for all that is soft, pink, romantic, and mushy, then perhaps you could think of something along those lines to go with your request.
If she's fond of stuffed animals, you could gift her a nice teddy bear and a note that says, "On one small condition you may have this teddy, to be my homecoming date you must be ready!".


  • Simulating a sort of treasure hunt could be an innovative way to ask a girl out to homecoming. You could plant different clues in her school bag, purse, locker, etc., which would eventually lead her to discovering your question (of asking her to homecoming, that is).
  • If you're the flamboyant kind, you could stand outside her bedroom window at sunrise with an outstretched banner that says something like, "Since sunrise today, it is here that I'm standing. If you like my style, can I ask you to homecoming?"
  • If everything else fails and you end up finding yourself without a date with just one day left, try this out. Print the words "Will you accompany me to homecoming?" or "Will you be my date for homecoming?" on the front side of a plain white T-shirt, and roam around the school campus for the entire day wearing it.
Well, these were a few suggestions that you can take into consideration. Remember, the trick is to be confident and true. If you think your feelings for her are genuine, surely she wouldn't be able to say no. All the best!