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How to Be a Good Husband

Charlie S Mar 3, 2020
Marriage is a lifelong commitment that not everyone can handle, because it takes more than an 'I do' to make things work. The pressure of being married is bound to take control over your actions and words, but it is important to remain steadfast. We reveal in this story of how to be a good husband to your wife, through thick and thin.
Marriage is a sacred union; no one knows this better than a couple that has seen the best and worst of what it can bring. It demands not just loyalty, but support, care, and attention. We're all human, where it's only natural to slip up every once in a while.
But that doesn't mean we forget our responsibilities and give in to our weaknesses or a temptation, that are ultimately, temporary. It also doesn't excuse you from taking off when things go awry. Men who are looking for tips on how to be a good husband, will find the following advice quite helpful.

Tips on Being a Good Husband

Avoid Excessive Criticism

Don't use criticism like an arrow flung from an unforgiving bow. Use a gentle tone, no matter how hard it may be to keep your cool demeanor. This forces your wife to control her urge to scream and lose her temper, if she sees how your approach is a kind and not brutal one.
If you find fault in what she does or says, point it out using carefully-selected words like, "I don't appreciate how you humiliate me in public.", or "It bothers me that you have to work on Sundays, when we'd love it if you were around more often."

Comfort Her Like a Man

Some men think that a quick pat on the shoulder or ruffling a woman's hair will make her feel better, but frankly, she needs more. She wants you to use the power of words to help her snap out of it, while genuinely holding her if she's really going through a tumultuous moment.
Women want to be held and comforted; to be on the receiving end of an awkward hug or uneasily-spoken words of comfort, is upsetting. Hold her like you mean it or remind her every day, that you're there if she needs you if she needs to be alone. Don't be afraid to show love, especially when things are down in the dumps.

Remember Important Dates

Whether it's your wedding anniversary, her birthday, or the first time you kissed her, she'll love you more for remembering the dates. Even someone who has an incredibly good memory will forget about such things because of life's many responsibilities.
We're too busy to keep track of time, but it is important that you do this by keeping a reminder on your cell phone or noting these dates down in your diary.
When the day does arrive, do something so romantic, that it leaves her still thanking you weeks later. Even others will compliment you for sweeping her off her feet, because they've only heard the story like, a hundred times.

Don't be Afraid to Express Intimacy

Just because you've been married for the last 10 years or longer, it doesn't mean you have to let your sex life dwindle. Peck her on the cheek before you rush out the door to work, or give her a big smooch when you return home from the office.
After years of being with the same woman, she's bound to feel unloved and a little unappreciated.
Do little things like bring home roses, buy her favorite dessert, take her for a picnic at the beach on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or convince her to dress up for a date at a restaurant that's hard to make a reservation at (which you managed to get). In the end, she'll feel on top of the world and extol your kind gestures.

Say 'I Love You' Often

She may not admit it to your face, but she'll want to hear those three golden words even after years of being married to you. The sad part about expressing love vocally, is that many people think only young people exchange such mushy talk. That's not true in the least.
Couples who lovingly speak to one another and occasionally even flirt, solidify their marriage and remain young and happy. Say it as often as you can, but more importantly, you should mean it.

Don't Succumb to Infidelity

If you can't connect with your wife anymore, talk it out. Don't bottle up those emotions and channel them towards another woman. Whether casual or serious, keeping a mistress isn't a healthy option. Eventually, you'll either get caught and have to face the wrath of divorce/separation, or experience the guilt of cheating on your wife.
Not only will she suspect that you're up to something from the way you behave, but she'll look into it with such passion, you can't blame her for unearthing what she finds out. Be honest with yourself―do you love her or your mistress? What about the children? Can you handle a divorce?
Are you okay with having one-night stands and not wondering how your wife feels? A lot of men cheat without really caring about their wives' feelings; the fact that you're here reading this, means you care.
Just remember, for any marriage to work, it takes a great amount of work and acceptance. Discuss problems in your marriage with your wife, express yourself, and don't feel embarrassed to do the things you once did as a young couple in love.