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How to Compliment a Girl

Indrajit Deshmukh Mar 17, 2020
You see a pretty girl, you fumble up, and you can't help but embarrass yourself in the process. No worries! We're here to help you learn how to compliment a girl without making an utter fool of yourself.
If there's one thing we know about girls, is that a compliment melts them right through their cores. Guys too, no doubt, love it when the fairer sex passes a compliment or two, who doesn't?
But when it comes to girls, you can't help but admit how adorable it is when she turns her eyes away, or how she cocks one eyebrow and smiles naughtily after hearing your unexpected compliment. The trick is to come off as genuine, and not just say it because you're trying to get something from her.
Girls don't like guys who lie to get attention; it's a cheap trick that doesn't deserve to be played on a good girl. Let's take a look at how to compliment a girl you like, without coming off as cheesy or pathetic.

How to Compliment a Girl You Like

It's important that you know how to stand confidently in front of a girl, and not like you're cowering from some kind of impact. Stand tall, keep your shoulders straight, and speak in an assured tone that doesn't waver to reveal how nervous you are.
  • Lean in and tell her that the only reason you pass silly jokes is to make her laugh, so that you can see her great smile.
  • Ask her to watch the sunset with you and then tell her how beautiful she looks in its receding soft amber glow.
  • Pay attention to what she wears; compliment her when you see something new.
  • If you notice that she's wearing her hair differently, don't hesitate to point out which hairstyle makes her look prettier.
  • Compliment her in front of her friends; she'll feel embarrassed but in a good way.
If she's upset about something, tell her that you know she's a strong person. Don't forget to add how impressed you are with these particular qualities. If she doubts herself, you'll only make her feel better and encourage her to tackle her problems better.
Send her flowers on a random day of the week, affixing a note to the bouquet that reads, "To the prettiest woman. From the luckiest man in the world."
If she ever puts herself down in front of you, whether it's about how she looks or what someone said to her, firmly disagree with what she's saying, and tell her that it doesn't matter what other people think or say. Say this, "What matters is, I think the world of you. You should see yourself as someone quite special."
If she plays an instrument or sport where you can't help but be impressed, tell her how well she does it and couldn't imagine being as good as she is.
Send her coffee from the canteen with a post-it on the front that says, "My day doesn't just begin with coffee, it begins with you."
These compliments are sure to make her weak in the knees. The best ones are those that are spontaneously said out loud, where she will appreciate you for being so kind; just remember, a genuine compliment holds more value than one that isn't.