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Effective Ways to Deal With Beard Dandruff

Sai Kardile Mar 4, 2020
A man's beard represents sexiness, high levels of testosterone, and maturity. Women are suckers for it and so are fellas, but what if this insignia of manliness was to be flawed with dandruff? No! We will not let that deflate your man ego! Find out ways to deal with beard dandruff. Vive la man beard!
Despite being meticulous shavers, Egyptians donned faux metallic braided beards to maintain an aura of divinity.
Beard, since the time when men figured their cheeks could sprout hair, has held a dear spot in their lives. It has been a matter of prestige and honor; our history tells us that men with that virile feature have fought with might and main if they sensed any ridicule or threat towards it.
Some even treated it as a sanctimonious object and swore on it. If you were one lucky mortal, you also got an opportunity to touch it. This only makes us realize how excruciating it is when something as dear and divine becomes tainted with unsightly flakes. But as promised, we will not let dandruff jeopardize your sex appeal, so let's dig into the details.
First question all whiskered fellas will want to know is what causes beard dandruff? There are a number of reasons that can cause beard dandruff- unduly oil secretions, cold weather, fungus (yes, you heard it right), and stress-induced hormonal imbalances and obesity.
Growing a beard is a persevering effort, and it is just painful when something that takes months and years of your life to grow robs you of the promise of yield.
Things go pear-shaped when the facial hair takes away the natural oil your skin needs for moisturizing and leaves the skin beneath the hair to dry and develop scales.
The situation aggravates further, when flaky invasion leads to formation of ingrown hair that in turn develops into a breeding ground of boils and blisters. Itchiness on the cheeks, side of the ears, and chin are unwelcoming accompaniments.
Some of you may even think of shaving your beard off totally after knowing the causes and its implications. But no cause is so great to shake the foundations of your macho. We have solutions that will help you overcome your flaky woes. The following treatments and remedies are all designed to save your manly virtue-

Use products made for your beard

You can't use expecto patronum to kill voldemort, because he is not a dementor but a dark wizard. Okay, a bad example but the point we are trying to make here is, you can't treat your beard dandruff with products that are engineered to fight head dandruff.
So whatever product you use, be it shampoo, conditioner, serum, or oil make sure it is made for the BEARD. Also look for active anti-beard dandruff ingredients like coal, tar, zinc pyrithione, and sulfur.

Wash your facial follicles

Those who are contemplating going down the bearded lane or the ones who are already in there, remember to wash your beard twice a day, and not more than that.
It is absolutely important that you use cold water instead of hot, as the latter has the tendency to suck up your natural oil. Many believe that the beard's natural oil is filthy, but that very oil acts as your natural moisturizer and in a way guards your skin from flaking. So, don't completely deprive your beard from that oil.

Ex-exfoliate your beard

Another dandruff combat element is ex-foliation. It will purge your beard of unwanted product remnants, dead skin, excessive oil, and dirt.
It will drive away those stubbornly clingy impurities and help you get rid of clogged pores that get into the way of a healthy beard. Ex-foliation also proves to be a boon in case of the nasty ingrown hair that impede the growth of new follicles from growing.

Home remedies

Beardos who didn't find any luck with the chemical products can give natural remedies a whirl.
Jojoba oil, neem oil, safflower oil, tea tree oil aloe vera gel, lemon juice, turmeric, bitter gourd paste, and fenugreek seeds are your magical home remedies that will meld tenderly with your skin without causing any pH imbalance.

Maintain healthy lifestyle

Stress-free lifestyle is very important if you want to bid adieu to the beard dandruff forever. Get yourself sufficient sleep, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and most importantly follow a fixed exercise routine.
Include vitamin D, beta carotene, and anti-oxidants in your diet. Last and very important- keep yourself hydrated, drink as much water as your bladder can permit.
So, dear bear mates, hew to these points, and enjoy a shining and healthy beard, for a beard is meant to be caressed and not be a source of stress.