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Steps to Tie a Bow Tie

Aparna Jadhav Mar 11, 2020
A bow tie is a classic necessity in men's formal wear as a tuxedo would never look complete without it. Here are some easy steps to tie one.
A bow tie is usually made out of a ribbon or some fabric that can be folded around the neck in a particular way to give the apparel a formal and classy look. You can have a variety of ways of tying it around your collar but the easiest one is mentioned below. You can also use any kind of fabric to make it.
So, if you have to go out for a party wearing a tux, you might as well learn to tie one and use it as a personal fashion statement. Here are some basic steps to do the same.


This process can be as simple as tying your shoe laces. So, pick up your bow tie, stand in front of the mirror, and follow these simple steps.

Fabric Bow Tie

The procedure to tie a bow from any fabric is the same. The only thing you need to make sure is that you tie the knots tightly as fabrics like satin and silk are soft, so they can get unfolded easily. The following steps guide you to tie one from any kind of fabric.
  • Firstly, drape the bow tie around your neck and under the shirt's collar. Hold the two ends in a position that the end to your right is extended about 1.5 inches lower than the end on your left.
  • Cross the tie near your neck so that the loop around your neck is large enough for further folds. Cross it in such a way that the longer end should go over the shorter.
  • Now, take the longer end through the loop, forming a simple, loose overhead knot.
  • Take the other loose end, which is now to your right and fold the end back to form a loop, pinched between your thumb and index finger.
  • Drop the left end over the right from the same loop to bring the left end to your front.
  • Hold the bow between your index finger and thumb, and then form a new loop with the left end just as you did with the first one.
  • Pinch the two loops together with your thumb, and push the second loop into the knot behind the front loop.
You can do this by pushing the end of this loop into the hole of the front loop with your right index finger.
  • The loop will be in the front side on one end and at the back on the other.
  • Now, tighten the knot by pulling the two loops together and straighten the bow. Pull on the tails if you want to loosen or untie the bow.
How simple was that? Wouldn't you like to know how to do the same with a ribbon? Take a look at these following steps.

Ribbon Bow Tie

All you need for this is a ribbon bow tie and follow a few simple steps to do the same.
  • Take the tie and place it under the collar, holding the two ends of it in the same way as mentioned earlier.
  • Create a loop and pass the longer end through it to make a normal knot.
  • Now, hold the loose end with your right index finger and fold it up in a half bow, holding it tightly.
  • A second loop is formed behind the first, from which you need to pass the first end.
  • Pull it out from the back side of the second loop by making the other end of the bow. Tighten the bow by pulling the loops, and make sure both of them are of the same size.
Those were some quick and efficient steps to tie a bow tie. We hope you've noted them down, as the next time you are wondering how to do the same, you can simply refer to these simple steps to tie a bow and impress your date.