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How to Make a Woman Happy

Virtually every man in the world wants to know what makes and keeps a woman happy. This story will try to find out what truly lies in a woman's heart, and what she desires from her man.
Do men find it difficult to approach a woman, and start a conversation? Is it that tough to understand a woman? Is it because both the sexes are biologically unique, or perhaps wired differently? Or is it that no matter how much we try to understand the opposite sex, in the end, it still isn't enough? Lots of questions, but there doesn't seem to be any concrete answers.

Women in Relationships

When a woman is involved with someone romantically, she wants to feel like she's the only person for you. It's a very common emotion, and trust me guys, every single girl feels so. She just wants you to pay more attention to her, give her the kind of treatment she wants and deserves.
Tell me guys, don't you like it when women shower you with motherly love, cook for you, and do other things for you? Same goes for women. Even women have the same beliefs, and occasionally, they'd like to be appreciated, pampered, and loved like there was no tomorrow.
It's natural that when a woman falls in love, she does so with her entire heart and wants her man to feel the same way. Every time she looks at him, the emotions reveal themselves through her eyes and sink back in her heart. Although, men have a different take on being happy in a relationship.
To them, not talking, watching television, and completely ignoring her is perfectly alright. I'm not saying that be attentive to her 24/7, but sometimes, women like that too. That 24/7 is just temporary, and if you do that from time to time, there will be a smile on her face for the rest of her life.
Women like honest men who are genuine about their feelings and who can be with them for who they really are. Men who like to play games in a relationship may never understand what a woman really desires. Trust, honesty, fidelity―these are not just words, but what women look for in a man.
Life is too short to be wasted on the wrong guy and it takes a person years, perhaps their entire life to find someone that reliable. Being happy in a relationship starts from being with someone you care about, whom you can trust, and build a healthy relationship with.
And one more thing; more than money and having nice things like jewelry and fashionable clothes, it's you who they want the most. There are no material things to make women happy. A woman is content with you being in their life and nothing more.
So when you ask what can make women happy in a relationship, don't ask what you can buy her, ask what you can do to keep her from smiling and feeling loved, appreciated, and cared for.

Her Physical Needs

Men and women are different, that's for sure; but we possess unique perspectives about sex as well. And to know how to make women happy sexually, the process actually begins with an open and honest conversation. Not all women are comfortable with talking about sex, and that's why, sometimes, they can be quite reserved when it comes down to it.
Being happy and content with your sex life has nothing to do with actually doing it all day or all night long. It's not the number of times that matters; it's those moments you spent with her. Every time you two are together, she's going to be remembering this for the rest of her life.
A physical relationship with someone she cares about and has feelings for is never forgotten. So when you're with her, be in the moment, make her feel safe, and whatever you do, don't think she's always ready for it. There's no on and off switch on women that needs to be flicked up and down to bring them in the mood.
Although most men hate this, but to get a woman in bed, you need to make her feel beautiful, desirable, and most of all, loved. She's not going to give you herself if all you come up with is, "Hey, come let's go. You wanna do it?" Women are not stupid and that attitude doesn't work, ever.
Begin with light kisses on her neck, arms, and back. Flirt with them all day, send sweet text messages to get her excited to see you in the evening, and most of all romance. Combine all these things together and you've got a heated night ahead of you.
It's true that physical attraction is important to sustain a happy, healthy relationship. But together, emotional as well as physical elements play a balanced role in every couple's lives.
Along with thinking about your needs and requirements in a relationship, give the other person the much-needed importance as well, to make your bond much stronger and thriving.

 Sheetal Mandora

Oziel Gómez