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How to Pick Out the Best Tuxedo for Prom

Mukta Gaikwad
Picking the right tuxedo requires certain amount of homework and knowledge. To save your time, we've compiled a few tips to help you pick the perfect tuxedo for your prom night.
For those who want to attend senior prom, it is time to put some deliberate thought into what you are going to wear for the night. Gone are the days when only girls invested the whole year in thinking about what their dresses would look like.
Today, with every celebration getting a live broadcast on social networking platforms, it is becoming increasingly important to spare some time to enhance your appearance.
So, all you guys who intend to wait till the last minute to put something together and pick up your date for the prom, here's a piece of advice: Start early! A good point to start caring about how you would look at the prom is to remember that pictures will be clicked.
Yes! Your prom pictures are likely to last you a lifetime. Who knows, if you go on to become a celebrity, the world will be vying for these pictures of your prom night. Now, no one wants an unkempt past, do they? So, without further ado, guys, here's a simple guide to pick out the best tuxedo for your prom night.

Sample Tuxedos

The Jacket

The most important part of a tuxedo is the jacket. This piece of clothing largely decides your look and style. With different styles of tuxedos, defined by their characteristic jackets, one has to do a thorough research before picking one. Prom is a formal event, an equivalent of a black-tie party for senior year students. 
To respect this norm, stick to the traditional look of the tuxedo, much defined by screen spy Mr. James Bond. In case you intend to play with colors, white and dark blue are good options. These jackets have variations such as peaked, shawl, and notched lapel.
The other aspect to consider while buying this jacket is its neckline. Tuxedos have a deep 'V' and high 'V' for their necklines. However, if you are looking for the classic tuxedo, then shawl lapel, which is usually a low 'V', is your best bet.

Do Not Rent

A well-fitting tuxedo that brings out the well-groomed man in an individual, is a must-have clothing item for every guy. So, buying a tuxedo is a good investment rather than renting out one. It is the fitting of the suit that becomes the deal maker or breaker.
And sadly, a rented tux just looks likes it is―rented and not your own. However, if you are truly budget conscious, then spend a little less on the accessories, and save up the money for getting a good tuxedo.


Your tuxedo is a composition of several accessories that give it the final look. Cufflinks, tie clip, cummerbund, bow tie or a necktie, shoes, and a watch, if you wear one, are the accessories that you need to clinch the perfect look for your prom night. Ensure that your cufflinks and tiepin match perfectly.


While buying a tuxedo, take into account your body shape. For instance, a slim person can pick a double-breasted jacket, while a well-built person can do with a single-breasted jacket. Keeping these tips in mind will help you create a proportionate look for the prom night.

Tips to Choose Jackets According to Different Body Types

Tall and Slender

For a tall and lanky person, adding some volume will be a good idea. With this goal in mind, go for a double-breasted jacket which has padded shoulders. This will make your shoulders appear square, and give you a bulkier look.

Short and Stocky

Avoid adding too many layers to your look. The classic shawl collar with a single-breasted jacket will perfectly suit you. This will create an illusion of a leaner torso. Picking darker colors and smoother textures, especially on the lapels, will add to the slimming effect.

Short and Thin

Your goal is to create a look that is lean and tall. Hence, make sure that the jacket ends at the perfect length and is not very long. Your suit should be well-tailored and impeccably fitting to make your look smart and crisp. A point to note is, a three-button suit will make your torso look longer than usual.

Tall and Well-built

Your structure speaks for itself. A minimalistic style is what you need to opt for. So, a single-breasted suit with a two-button jacket that has a straighter cut at the waist is your best choice. Avoid anything that is going to draw attention to your waist, as this will make you look top-heavy.
Neither was Rome built in a day, and neither is tuxedo-fitting perfected in a day. Try a few suits, explore a few shops, get referrals for tailors, and get your homework done before you decide to splurge. Shopping for the perfect tuxedo does require some serious dedication and commitment, probably more than what is required for a girl to pick her prom dress!