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How to Shave a Beard

Here are the steps for the perfect shave.
Rahul Thadani
If you're sporting a long straggling beard, then it's possibly because you are going for a certain look, or simply because you do not know how to shave. Shaving is a skill that every man must learn in his lifetime, but the best way to shave a beard can be learned only through practice.
If you fail to follow the fundamental tips, you will end up with not just cuts on your face, but also with irritated skin, resulting in rashes and excessive itchiness. Trim your beard regularly to avoid being on the receiving end of a staunch look of dismissal from your friends, family, and colleagues.
Shaving properly is not a tough task at all, but if you're nervous because it's your first time, just stay calm and read on.
  • The first thing you need to do when removing facial hair, is figure out which razor is best for you. There are many choices available in the market. Going for a 3 blade razor is the safest option. Also, ensure that every time you shave, the blade is not too old or worn out. Using a new razor will help prevent razor burns, which tend to be quite troublesome.
  • Now, you need to moisten your beard and skin in order to avoid any unwanted cuts. Use warm water to do so, or you can even place a wet cloth on your face for a minute.
  • Apply your choice of shaving foam, gel, or powder. Spread a generous amount evenly across your face. Depending on the thickness of your beard, you can decide how much you will require to apply.
  • Now for actual hair removal, start under your sideburns, and use gentle but firm strokes downwards, towards your chin. Do not run your razor over a patch repeatedly. The more you tighten and stretch your skin, the closer will be the shave.
  • For your throat, you need to change the angle of your strokes. Now, shave in upward strokes, moving towards your chin. This is the trickiest part, as you may end up cutting yourself, so be very careful. It's best not to rush yourself, and do not apply too many rough strokes.
  • Now, carefully shave off the hair on your chin, and make sure that there are no traces of hair left on or around it.
  • Pull down your upper lip, and shave downwards away from your nose.
  • Now, check your face for any hair that you may have missed in the process. Places where this is a likely occurrence are your ears, upper cheek bones, and the lower side of your jaw.
  • Rinse your face to get rid of the remaining cream, and apply some aftershave or other facial skin care products if you like.
  • During the entire procedure, remember to rinse your razor after every 2-3 strokes. Either do this in a tumbler of water, or you can even choose to fill the water up in your sink, this will prevent wastage of water.
Now, you have effectively finished shaving and are good to go.