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How to Talk to Women

Aparna Jadhav
It happens many times that men think of approaching and talking to a woman they like but back out thinking it will not end well. However, there are ways to talk to women and make it work in your favor; these are listed here.
Rejection is the worst fear for men when it comes to dating. They don't mind going up to a woman in a bar or at a game to strike up a conversation. The outcome is what they cannot predict.
Women on the other hand, are speculative. If they find a man who is bold enough to start the right kind of conversation, they might respond. If you are too shy to approach a woman you're interested in, you have to work on it, and communication is the only way to do so.

Communicating with Women

Talking to strangers is always a big step, but unless you actually speak, you will never know what you should say and what you should not. Everyone makes blunders, but with the right kind of attitude, you can learn the art of talking to women easily.

In Bars

Women love to socialize, and the best place to find a social environment is at bars. Your body language says it all when you make it obvious that you want to talk to a woman you like.
When you see her, look at her but never stare. If you keep staring at her, you will make her uncomfortable and when you finally go up to talk to her, she won't acknowledge you. She might appreciate a few glances towards her, but do it skillfully. Take your eyes off her at times so that she can notice you too.
Notice what she's been drinking and get her another glass. Don't send it through the waiter but take it to her yourself. Try not to rely on pickup lines to start a conversation, just ask her if she would care for another drink and offer her the glass. Once she's accepted it, compliment her and then start talking.
You can ask her about herself, joke around a bit (no offensive jokes), tell her about yourself, and compliment her some more. Throughout your conversation, don't act arrogant, full of yourself, or desperate, and at the end of it she might give you her number.

At the Gym

Gyms are also a fun place to interact with women. If you like someone at the gym for a long time and haven't had the chance to talk to her, do it now. The next time you see her, you can start with a smile and then a greeting like hi or hello.
Once she has noticed your regularity, approach her and start a conversation. Ask her about her job and her life. Tell her about yourself; keep the friendship light and easy. Then when you feel like you have established your ground, ask her out for coffee.
When you get her number, you don't have to worry as talking on the phone is much easier than in person. You can ask her more about her life and comfort her on things that upset her.
Make jokes to lighten the situation and let her know that she can talk to you about anything. Over the net, you can send her funny emails to create a fun image about yourself. She will appreciate you for being her friend first rather than just hitting on her.

At Work

Women naturally love to talk. They take time to initiate something, but once they know you, you're good to go. If you like one of your colleagues at work, then office time is the best time to strike a conversation.
If you haven't spoken to her yet, make friends with people she knows and sit with them for lunch. Ask her if you can get her coffee during your breaks and talk to her about general things. After work, ask her if you can drop her home and make her feel that she's safe with you.
Women like to have someone to talk to. And if you handle the situation well, she will remember you. You never know when, where, and how cupid might strike. You can find your soul-mate anywhere.