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How to Tie a Single Windsor Knot

Naomi Sarah Mar 4, 2020
Knowing how to tie a single Windsor knot is not hard to learn initially, especially if you're into the habit of wearing a tie to the office. Learn how to tie a smart Windsor tie, where even the ladies can learn how to do this to give their men a helping hand.
A man sporting a tie with either a nice straight fit pair of jeans and a breast coat, or with the whole suit make-up, is nothing short of stylish and masculine. In today's world of corporate suits and business-style wall street garb, men are becoming increasingly dapper when it comes to staying in touch with what's in style.
A conscious man knows what looks good on him, and knows when to get rid of something when it flaws his look. Some men need a helping hand when it comes to closet essentials, but that can be taken care of with a man's magazine subscription, or having friends help in revamping his style quotient.
You'll find that this way of tying a knot is not only suave but easy to perform. There are two ways on how a Windsor tie can be tied, one being a half / single Windsor knot, and the other a double. The latter kind gives the knotted portion a bulkier bulge, where the tie used is usually thicker and more appropriate for business meetings or conferences.
A Windsor tie goes perfectly well with cotton shirts and formal pants alone, or with double-breasted suits; even the single-buttoned suit look takes on its own charm with the Windsor tie. The best kind of tie to use is one that isn't skinny, but a little on the broad side to give it a smart look under this type of tie knot.

Simple Steps on How to Tie a Single Windsor Knot

You can easily tie a single Windsor knot by following the instructions given here. It would help if you got out a tie and followed the steps simultaneously.
Once you perfect the tying technique, you can prepare it beforehand and leave it ready to slip on the following day. That way you avoid giving up halfway if you forget the instructions when tying it from memory. So take a look here on how you can tie this knot, without losing your mind.

Step 1

First place the tie around your neck, with the thinner portion of the tie falling over your right side (you can do it the other way too), and the wider end falling from your left.
Pull the wider end of the tie forward, so that you have at least 12 inches of this ahead of the tapered tie end on the right (making it look longer than the thinner portion). First cross the wider tie over the thinner strip from left to right, making a cross.

Step 2

Taking the wide end of the tie, crossing past the thinner portion from behind, coming off to the other side. It should look like the wider portion is coiling behind the thin one, but stopping on the left side.

Step 3

The next step is take the wide end of the tie and bring it upwards in front of you.

Step 4

Tuck it through the little space above where the cross meets. Pull it through this opening, bringing it down from the left side, as it meets in a semi-knot.

Step 5

Then using the same wide end, cross over again from the left side to the right in a sideways sweep.

Step 6

Take the wide end of the tie and slip it through the opening, letting it emerge through the already present loop knot in front of it.

Step 7

Bring the wide end of the tie all the way down, pushing the knot up to form the inverted triangle at the base of your throat.

Step 8

Tighten it carefully and smooth it downwards with one gentle sweep using your palm, to avoid creases.
With practice, you'll be doing this yourself without using instructions to guide you while you're at it. Be sure to combine this great tie knot with a sartorially impressive suit, that will highlight your head-to-toe look.