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How to Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Rahul Thadani Mar 4, 2020
There are no definite and guaranteed methods on how to win your ex-girlfriend back. It depends greatly on the reason behind your breakup, and also on your current situation. This story gives some tried and tested methods on how to get her back.
Going through a break up is never easy. However, if you wish to salvage the relationship, you need to take into consideration the reason for the break up, and which one of you ended the it. It is no guarantee that a particular method will work for everyone, as the appropriateness of the methods differ according to the situation.
If your ex-girlfriend was the one who decided to end things, then you first need to understand her reasons for doing so, and try and fix those problems, accordingly. If it was something to do with your attitude or personality, then it is relatively simpler to work on. However, if she left you because of infidelity, you will have to take more effort.
If, on the other hand, you were the one who ended the relationship, the dynamics of trying to win her back will be different. You may have to simply convince her that you regret your mistakes and want to change. This process will take some time, and hence, patience and the right attitude, will help you.
To win your girl back, you might have to do all the things that a new boyfriend does. You will also have to ensure that the bad memories of the break up, and all the baggage that came with it, are abolished. As mentioned before, the success rate of these methods cannot be judged, so you will have to try your luck.

Communicate Your Feelings

The first thing that you need to do is communicate your feelings to her, clearly. Giving subtle hints will just make the situation awkward, and prolong the unnecessary baggage. You need to talk to and tell her exactly where you stand.
If you made a mistake, tell her that you are willing to change and that you will wait for her. If she left you, then you need to make it clear that you want her back, and are willing to do what it takes for her to want you, again.

Do Not Push Too Hard

You need to clarify with your ex-girlfriend, about where you stand and what you want, without coming on too strong. She will need time to accept the fact that she can have a future with you, and you'll need to be patient for that. Chances that she will take you back instantly are very low, and you need to be realistic about it.

Charm Her

You will need to remind her about all the good qualities that she saw in you in the beginning. If she has already moved on and is with someone else, getting her back from the other guy will be harder.
It all depends on how strong your relationship was, how ugly the breakup was, and what her current feelings for you, are. If she is not in a serious relationship with this new guy, it will be easier for you to remind her of all the good memories.

Recreate Past Situations

Remind her about how good things were before the breakup. To achieve this, you will need to recreate the things you both experienced together. Ask her out for dinner and take her to the restaurant you both liked, visit the same places, or meet old friends and acquaintances, and she may remember the good times you spent together.

Show the Change

You need to show her that you have changed and become a better person. Sort out the relationship issues that she had with you, and show her that things will be better this time around. Convince her that you understood the complaints she had against you, and that you are trying to change for the better.
While trying to get your girl back, you have to prepare yourself to be rejected the first few times. However, if you respect her space and show her, in a rational and patient manner, that you are a better person now, your chances for success will improve. The fact that you are going through all this trouble is reason enough to reconsider the situation that you find yourself in.