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It Is Possible to Go Bald Gracefully?

Urvashi Pokharna Mar 5, 2020
There is no man realizing that they have a receding hairline and not worry about it. Going bald is inevitable for most men who know it's in their genes. Although non-genetic problems can be resolved, even bald people can look great if they know how to play it right.
These days you don't have to be a 40-year-old man to start balding. With every decade passing by, there are more younger people of both sexes dealing with major hair loss problems. Now, you don't even have to be a chemotherapy patient to have a clean bald scalp like hair never existed on it. Are you traumatized by hair loss plaguing you?
Balding could be due to age factor, hereditary issues, stress or a poor diet. It can be even more disturbing when people around you start to notice the decreasing volume of your hair and start poking fun at you. But it is possible to bald gracefully. The hair is already gone so there isn't much you can do about it except make it a part of your charm.
It starts with chunks of hair left over the drainage and then before you know it, there are no more hair on your head to clog the pipes. Balding can really undermine anyone's self-confidence and self-image. But, are you as shallow as to let yourself judge your beauty by the hair on your scalp (or may be the lack of it)?
You don't need to wear a wig, use spray-ons, spend thousands of dollars on expensive hair transplants or lock yourself in your apartment over the weekend anymore to hide your baldness. Instead, embrace your baldness and do it gracefully. Yes, yes! Check out how.

How to Go Bald Gracefully

Toupees are not an option when you want to bald gracefully. They look so obvious and make you look insecure. There is hardly any person wearing a toupee who was not laughed on. But, there are a few smart tips to make your baldness look beautiful. Follow them and you are ready to go.

Experiment with Facial Hair

Become creative with your facial hair! The one most suitable style for a bald man is growing a French beard, a goatee or a plain mustache. Anything that goes well with your personality is what works for you. You could also keep it absolutely clean-shaven.

Bring Attention to Your Face

Did you know? Balding will actually emphasize your facial features. A sharp face looks absolutely beautiful when bald.
Think Billy Zane. You can sport a stud on an ear if you have the typical bad boy persona. You can also sport funky tattoos. For some reason, it is just so sexy.

Dress Smart

Formals and casuals in monotones look very smart on a strong personality. And, balding gives you just the look to carry them off.
Dress in the shades of brown, black, gray and white. Sport a tanned leather jacket on denim with a white basic tee and a pair of aviators like Tom Cruise in Top Gun, except you are going to be a bald version of him. Still sexy. Older men can go for suits. It looks really classy.

Buzz Cut

This is for those who are not absolutely bald but on the verge of it. Style magazines are filled with good-looking men sporting that hair style.

No Combing the Sides

Whatever you do, please do not grow your remaining hair long to hide your balding scalp. It is plain distasteful.
There are many men who grow their sides long enough to use them to cover the bald parts of their scalp with gels and oils. It really does not compensate for no hair and does nothing to fool people. Instead, it makes you look like you have a very bad taste and no sophistication, which may even be true. Get rid of them.

Wear a Sparkle and Smile

The best beauty accessory is a smile? Well, they were right! When you meet someone, wear a warm and genuine smile. It will also bring a sparkle to your eyes.
Have you heard about smiling with your eyes? Makes a good first impression. Also, do not forget to make eye contact. Nobody will care about your bald head after that.
Frankly, there is nothing odd about someone who is bald. Actually, there are plenty of women who absolutely dig balding men. However, a balding female may be suffering from more self-esteem issues (hair extensions, stat!) than a man to hide the obvious hair loss.
It may be a baldness gene but you can make going bald a cool style quotient and become a role model for others to follow suit. There are celebrities like Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis, Andre Agassi and Chris Daughtry who are bald and women just go ga-ga over them.
By the way, do you remember how Natalie Portman and Demi Moore went bald for their respective movie roles? There were literally media articles praising their move, appreciating the beauty and fineness of their bald heads.
By the next decade, going bald will become a futuristic hairstyle statement. Trash that ugly-looking artificial wig that has obvious synthetic hair. It makes you look like a clown. Instead, embrace your flaws. They are really beautiful.