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Jeans for Men with Big Thighs

Mamta Mule
Tired of finding the best fitting jeans for men with big thighs? That's quite a common problem that many face, but the following sections are sure to help simplify your next jeans shopping trip. Know about the best fits and colors in jeans that men with big thighs can grab.
Shopping for a pair of jeans that perfectly fits your body is not always an easy job. Many of us are not blessed with a perfect body. Whether you have fuller thighs, a smaller waist or wider calves, finding a pair of perfect fitting jeans is sure to become a tough task.
Same is the problem while buying a pair of jeans for men with big thighs. If you are also one of those having the problem of heavier thighs, how do you find out a perfect pair of jeans for yourself?
Well, I am sure that you do search hard and try a number of sizes and fits to find 'your denim'! Which types of jeans are best picks for men with big thighs and how to find them? Find answers to all these questions in the upcoming slides.

Best Jeans to Buy

You might have tried various fits of jeans, each time wishing to get that comfort factor and a piece that looks great on your body. Well, let me tell you that skinny jeans hardly fits right and fails to impart the good looking element or that comfort factor! So the next time you step into a store to buy a pair of jeans, just try out the following fits and tips.
Boot cut jeans are known to be good jeans. This is a widely recommended option in denims for men with thighs that are not in proportion with their waist. With the flare that boot-cut jeans offer, your fuller upper part rightly gets balanced. Moreover, men's boot-cut jeans are often loose at the thighs which make them a perfect option for men with bigger thighs.
Another option is to grab those trendy low rise and loose fit pieces. These are a popular fashion trend in men's denim and you can always try out these in case thighs are the problem area in your case. These are best pieces for an ultra cool, casual look.
Apart from this, the simple straight fit jeans remain a good option to go for. But make sure that you grab a pair of straight fit jeans that is one size larger than your actual waist size.
While the piece with the right waist size is sure to fit much tighter and uncomfortable at your thigh area, a larger size is the best pick. You can add a trendy waist belt or simply get the piece slightly altered at the waist band so that it fits well at the waist.
When you shop for a pair of straight fit jeans in a larger size or when you pick the low rise jeans in loose fit, try to stick to the dark colors. Darker colors are known to give that slimming effect which makes them a popular option.
Moreover it is best to stick to single colors and avoid buying stone wash, acid wash or light wash denims. Dark wash denims or medium wash denims remain the ultimate option.

Finding the Right Fit

I must tell you that finding a pair of jeans that rightly fits you is all about trying the pieces mentioned above. Let me tell you that trying out a jeans is only going to help you know whether the same fits or doesn't fit well. Once you try out a jeans, make sure that you sit on a stool as well as on your knees to checkout how comfortable they are.
Look for designer jeans which many brands are launching these days. There are many brands in the market having special collection for men and women with fuller thighs.
Let me tell you that pieces offering a good fit without that brand tag can also be bought. If a pair offers you a perfect fit and needed comfort, it really doesn't matter which brand it belongs to.
Well, brand or no brand, jeans that give you the best fit is the only thing to opt for so as to look your best and stay comfortable. Do not be disappointed if at first you're not able to find a perfect fit, because people rarely do find theirs in their first few attempts at finding something comfortable.
Checkout the options available, spend some time over them and get ready to dress up in your favorite denims. All the best!