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Kissing Tips for Guys

Arjun Kulkarni
In the words of Will Smith from Hitch, "Eight out of 10 women believe that the first kiss will tell them everything they need to know about the relationship...". So, just like the first impression, the first kiss too has great significance.
There's nothing that says 'I love you' more than a kiss. Most guys view the prospect of a first kiss with much trepidation. You want to do it, but you're scared whether you'll do well or not. One bad game, and all the good work, that you've done over the years, will be down the drain.
Is it that hard though? No. After all, it's just a kiss, an essential part of any relationship. Picking the right time to do it is a bit tricky. People who've kissed before will not find it too hard to identify the right time. Hence, here are some kissing tips for men, to score with their dream girl.

Tip 1: Sincerity

The first of the rules is to be sincere when you kiss the one you love. If you're not, and you just want to get her into bed, the girl will be able to tell. It is of utmost importance to be genuine.
The girl you're dating may use the kiss as a lie detector. She wants to know where the relationship is going. And, if the lie detector says you're lying, you're going out the window. So, kiss her only if you're very sure that you love her.

Tip 2: Timing

Not everyone gets the offer of a kiss on a platter. The timing of the kiss should be perfect. Most men make a mess of it by rushing into a kiss, because they feel obligated to do so. A girl has her time-table, and you need to respect that.
One of the best tests, to see if the girl is ready, is to take short steps towards her, and see how she reacts. Simple things like touching her hand, or accidentally coming close to her face will help you if she's ready for it. If she smiles gently at the touch, then maybe she's ready.

Tip 3: When's the Best Time?

People say that the best time to kiss is after a date or a dinner. Is it really? Everyone knows that a bad breath will ruin the first kiss, so it really depends on what you eat. Moreover, you can't really take a mouthwash on your date, making it a risky proposition overall.
The best time for a kiss is when the two of you are together, alone. It could be anywhere. But it should be dark and lonely enough to protect her modesty. A slightly private, less crowded coffee shop, with you sitting quite close to each other, could be the best situation.
Just before you kiss her, look around to check if someone is looking in on your rather private moment. It may also not be a good idea to kiss her inside your house, as she may think you're taking advantage of her.

Tip 4: Set it Up

This is a simple, obligatory prelude to a kiss. Make sure that the setting is perfect, and comfortable for both. Do not rush. Sweet talk a bit; you may even sing a love song. Tell her you really like her, and that she makes you very happy. Touch her hand or shoulder.
These signs serve a dual purpose. Firstly, it gives her a warning that there may be a kiss in the offing. If she doesn't want it, she'll set up her defense, and you'll know. Secondly, it sweetens her up a bit.

Tip 5: How to Kiss

There's no need to critically analyze a kiss. It is laughably simple. Approach, open mouth, feather her lips, lean in, position your hands, and enjoy. However, there are some things that you need to avoid.
Here's a small list of common mistakes

  • Hands: A lot of guys get this wrong. Some tend to get carried away a bit, and their hands start wandering, grabbing the butt, caressing the legs. STOP! Things should move step by step. Place your hands on her face, neck, back of the head, or around her waist.
  • Power: What makes guys go into a kiss so hard? That is a common complaint. It reveals a slightly dominating style, which most girls might not want to see. You shouldn't jab your tongue into her mouth. You may have seen Antonio Banderas do that, but remember that you're not him.
  • Haste: Wait for it. Don't go all the way. Give the girl a chance to back out of it. Hold your position for a second. Notice her expressions. If her eyes are wide open in shock, move out. If she has closed her eyes, and hasn't backed out, go for it. If she has, too bad for you. At least you didn't make a fool of yourself.

Tip 6: Save Face

If she backs out, what do you do to not feel stupid? Well, there isn't much you can do, but smile. If you notice that her eyes are wide in shock, just do something cheeky, like pull her nose or ears. For want of a better option, pretend as if you are taking something off her face.
A kiss is like an entrance test. If you clear it, you go through. If you don't, you'll have to try again. However, be warned; there may not be too many girls willing to give you the choice of repeating this test of romance. Hence keep these tips in mind to make it work.