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Love Notes for Her

Kundan Pandey Mar 10, 2020
Writing cute or romantic notes can be an interesting way of expressing your love to someone special. Find out how to win her heart with your charming words and genuine feelings in this story.
Some say, love is the answer to every problem in this mortal world and some say, it is the path for the 'search of the miraculous.' Believe me, every age group defines love in an altogether different form.
From the nervousness and adrenaline rush of the first date, to that special first kiss, from those moments spent cuddling alongside your partner to the fights and misunderstandings, and from those impromptu outings to the morning jog in a park, everything compiled together seems like a phenomenal journey of bonding.
All because of the phenomenon, called love. It's magnificent if you're in love. Expressing your love through love notes is a really sweet gesture. When you really feel, you need to tell your partner, what she means to you, pick a paper and pen, and pour your heart out. You can write a romantic love poem or just a simple note, but express yourself!

Tips to Write Sweet Love Notes

● There are certain fundamentals in writing love notes. They can be romantic, funny, emotional or just simple heartfelt words. There are no hard and fast rules. It is more about intent than about content. But if you can write well, it certainly helps.
● Bring some stick on notes and write on them why you love your partner. Do it on a weekly basis. Tell her one reason each day. Do it once a week in a month or if you wish, all through the month or even all through the year (ready to take the challenge!).
● Funny one liners and simple sentences will do if you can't write a long letter.

● If you can't write, sing or just say what you feel. Record it in audio format and send her. Love notes are not bounded by any limitations of communication. It's just about expressing.
● You can also make a collection of love poems (not necessarily written by you) in a scrapbook and present it to her.

● You can write love letters. A letter to beloved doesn't require any special occasion.

Notes for Her From Him

Here I have given a short example of a letter written to a special lady. Just like this, you can write what you feel depending on what you wish to convey to your partner. Writing love notes can also help you to make your relationship stronger and strengthen your communication.
Believe me, the quality of communication in your relationship, determines your bonding to a great extent.

Straight from the Heart to My Love

Dear Sunshine,

Words, I believe have limitations. Shakespeare had rightly said, "Words are poor comforters." You know, I thought of some gesture, some poem or some gift that can express my love for you but couldn't find any such thing. For the love I feel for you, has no definition.
Today, I'm overflowing with your love, more so, with the gratitude that you're in my life. Feeling elated, I can't resist the temptation to declare myself as the luckiest person on this Earth. The mere thought of you, brings peace and order to me and consequently to my life. I was traveling in this journey of life, although with no major direction.
You revealed to me my strengths and I also became aware of my weaknesses. The way you care for me and make me feel pampered makes every problem in my life disappear like a bubble of water. Love brings joy, peace and happiness, and with that, comes the responsibility of keeping that love bright and shining like a jewel in the crown.
I realize your love for me is something I wish to treasure forever. With all I have, with all I do, I'm making efforts to not let you go, from my life. I'm failing sometimes and winning very often. Again, words are not the answer now, it is action that can make our love everlasting.

Love always,


Short Love Notes

Here are some sweet lines I tried to write so that you can express your feelings to your loved one.
Attachment detachments
With an angel, lovely as you
Sparkling, expressive eyes
Was this what I was searching till now
Story like those in fiction books,
Mysterious in its own ways,
Our meeting a fiction or just another passing dream
Crackling laughter, sweet smiles
An ocean you're, so deep... so deep
Finding purpose and fate
Happy I'm to know you more
Happy I'm to love you more...
Flame burning within
Breathing life into me
Wealth and all treasures
Worthless, without you...

Depth in your eyes,
Stop me not from falling deep,
Watching them, I'm reflected
Is it 'I' in 'You'...
Rumble in my heart
Slow journey, dark too
May time stand still
And I wait for you...

Following your breath,
Can I reach to your heart
Is love a power
Or just a helpless thought...
Humor is an essential part of life and if you can write some funny love poems that are equally sweet, you can surely make her burst into laughter. Writing thank you notes for your partner can help you to express your gratitude for her presence in your life. So now you can kindle your romance with your partner and enjoy the beautiful moments in life.
PS: All love notes in this story, and short love poems, are purely the creation of the author and any similarity to any other love poems, is coincidental.