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Men's Haircuts for Fine Hair

Tulika Nair Mar 3, 2020
If you have fine hair, then you need a haircut that makes your hair look fuller and more voluminous. Here, we give you some of the best haircuts for men who have fine hair.
Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with thick, luxuriant hair that is voluminous and easy to maintain at the same time. Some of us are born with fine hair. Many people tend to confuse fine hair with thin hair, but this is a common misunderstanding.
While fine hair is the kind of hair where every hair strand has a tiny diameter, thin hair refers to having fewer hair strands on your head. For people, especially men with fine hair, the biggest challenge is to pick a haircut that makes their head look fuller and more voluminous. Most hairstylists suggest short haircuts for this very reason.

Haircuts for Men with Fine Hair

Consult any hairstylist and they should be able to tell you about the many different haircuts for fine hair that you can opt for. You can always choose to experiment with your look, if you so wish. There are some hairstyles though, that have been popular for some time now. Let us take a look at these hairstyles.

The Caesar

As the name suggests, this hairstyle is a modern-day take on the haircut that was sported by the Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar. It got a modern lease of life when George Clooney sported the same look.
The basic hairstyle is such that the hair is kept short all over and cut in layers about two inches from the nape. The bangs are cut straight and combed forwards and not sideways and is popular with men in general. This hairstyle is perfect as it tends to cover any spots that have less hair and also helps your hair look thicker than before.

The Crew Cut

Another popular cut for men with fine hair is the crew cut which has been sported by Justin Timberlake, Jake Gyllenhal, and Channing Tatum.
Your hair is cut close to the head all over and is tapered at the sides and at the nape. The haircut is such that it follows the contour of your head.
The hair on the top of the head are left a little long. This is an excellent haircut for men with thin hair as it gives the appearance of thick hair and also keeps your hair much healthier. This haircut looks best on younger men.

The Shag

If you are looking for a slightly longer look in haircuts, then a shag is a very good option.
For fine hair, this hairstyle should be worn longer than normal, it should be layered, and you should allow for longer bangs.
With this haircut, the slightly disheveled look creates an illusion of volume as does the removal of the blunt edges of the hair. There is absolutely no need to use many styling products as it looks great when left as it is. Celebrities who have sported this hairstyle include Ashton Kutcher and Keith Urban.

The Taper

So, you want a haircut that is fashionable and adds an illusion of volume to your hair. Well, this may be the perfect haircut for you. The style entails having short hair on the sides and at the nape but long hair on the top of the head. Let the sideburns be left long.
It may be important to use styling products with this hair. After you shower, it may be a good idea to apply some styling gel and then create a slightly spiky look. This will add to the volume of the hair.
These are just some of the more popular men's haircuts. It is always advisable to consult your stylist before opting for a specific look as they will be able to tell you what suits you best.