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Mohawk Haircuts for Men

Kundan Pandey Mar 2, 2020
Mohawk haircuts can give you a completely different look. However, before you decide to get this unique hairstyle, you should know about it and its various forms, and whether this haircut would suit you.
Sporting Mohawk hairstyles was a trend in the late eighties and it was symbolic of the punk and rock band movements that swept the world during that time.
The punk movement that rebelled against the political and social authorities, was a great success among youngsters who identified themselves with these types of movements. Needless to say, teenagers and youngsters imitated the fashion styles of pop singers and rock stars.
Mohawk hairstyle is believed to have originated from the Native American Mohawk Indian tribes. While most of us are aware of various popular men's hairstyles like the 'David Beckham faux hawk hairstyle', there are various other forms of this style.

Mohawk Haircuts

Mohawk is a very unique type of hairstyle, and it may not look good on everyone. However, people who love to look different, and can confidently carry this look, can sport this hairstyle.

Classic Mohawk Haircut

In the classic style, the basic feature is to shave all your hair, leaving a strip of hair in the middle that may be of an inch wide. Some people choose the hair strip to be extended till the end of the neck while some restrict it up to the vertex of the head.
This hairstyle can be modified by including Bihawk and Trihawk haircuts. In Bihawk hairstyle, two middle strips of long hair are left and the area between these two strips is shaved. In trihawk, three such strips are cut.

The Faux Hawk

The faux hawk haircut is the latest modified form of classic Mohawk. This hairstyle is preferred by all types of people, like rockers, bankers, rebels, college goers, and even by young girls and boys!!
In this haircut, the head is not shaved. With the help of two clipper guards, the hair from both sides is blended up. The hair at the center is cut in such an angle, that the wearer can updo the hair at the center using hair gels. The final look has to be such that the hair standing should resemble the 'ridges' of a hawk.
The faux hawk can be varied in various forms, like short Mohawk haircuts for boys by giving it a 'messy spike style'. The length of the hair at the side and the portion of head not to be shaved can vary accordingly.
It is not that these are restricted to boys or men only. In fact, they are also very popular amongst women and there are some who have been brave enough to sport these hairstyles. Generally, female models sport Mohawk hairstyle for advertisements and television commercials.
In Asian-African countries, these haircuts have become very popular and they are known as Frohawk (African-American/Afro Mohawk).
To get the faux hawk hairstyle, visit a good hair salon so that you can have the desired type of Mohawk haircuts. In the beginning, you will have to use hair gels regularly to keep your hair in the proper position and angle. However, avoid using excess hair gels, as they can cause hair problems or whitening of the hair.
So, we hope you have got some idea about the various Mohawk haircuts for men.