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40 Most Annoying Habits of Men

Sheetal Mandora
Men can be difficult to handle sometimes, and when their habits begin to affect the women around them, it can result in mayhem. Would you like to know which habits tick off women the most?

Did You Know?

In the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, a 2008 study was published which stated that adult males possess strong emotional reactions. But as soon as men become aware of their emotions and feelings, they tend to hide it behind a mask.
In the beginning of any relationship, both the individuals involved will try to put their best foot forward. It's after getting to know each other on a personal level, the inhibitions disappear and a person's flaws and qualities are revealed. The good qualities are surely praised, but it's the flaws that can create issues for a couple later on.
Being able to adjust to whatever flaws or habits each of them have, can be tough. Most often than not, a woman is put off by a man's inability to simply understand what she has to say. Of course, the same can be said about women too; even men have problems adapting to some of their habits.
But that's not what we are here to talk about. What we want to concentrate on, is about men and their undesirable and annoying habits.

Habits that Women Find Unattractive in Men

This list of annoying habits that certain men possess is in no way a means to male-bashing. These are just a few of the behavioral patterns seen by women that may be tolerated, but not completely accepted. So please keep an open mind while you read the following section.
After a hard day at work, I want to come home and talk to you about it. Instead of understanding my frustration and sympathizing with my side of the story, you tell me how I would've handled things differently!
A woman understands how to handle various situations, especially when things aren't going her way. So when a guy suggests certain points as to how she would've avoided/handled the entire situation, it upsets her. She is not looking for advice. What she really wants is a listening ear and a concerned human being.
Every time we have a disagreement about something, you become passive aggressive. Just because you say you don't want to argue, doesn't automatically mean that I'm the one who always wants to.
In every relationship, a couple has to tackle the ups and downs that come their way. A woman always wants to talk things through, and the man, well, he wishes for the 'issue' to disappear. However, that never happens.
So to avoid the entire conversation, he ends up saying, "I really don't want to fight." This, inversely annoys the heck out of her. Hence, the point here is - don't do it. Talk; it doesn't take much time.
Sweetheart, I'm your girlfriend, not your buddy. So NO, you cannot make fart jokes in front of me and expect that I'm going to have a creative response.
Women, whether she is your girlfriend, friend, partner, or spouse, can't enjoy or appreciate the witty remarks or comments men make at times. A 'funny' incident may not translate with women as compared to men. So if you are asked to avoid such behavior, please respect the woman's choice to stay feminine, and not include her into your crude jokes.
Just because you don't make fart jokes, doesn't mean I want to hear you pass one. Can you hold it in while I'm around? Or maybe walk a few steps away from me and take care of it?
At times, comfort can be an ugly affair. Especially when a man becomes too comfortable around a woman and confident enough to burp, fart, and/or pick his nose in front of her. Most women find such nature repulsive and disrespectful.
How is it that you remember when the game is on, but forget that 2 years ago today, we shared our first ice cream together?
I know what you all are going to say. No guy is ever going to remember something that specific. However, the point I'm trying to make here is that, apart from the silly reminders women want men to imprint on their minds, there are certain dates that should never be forgotten - birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or important upcoming events.
I was waiting for you at the cafe for an hour. Where the heck were you? Did you forget that we had a date this evening?
When you make a date, don't ever forget it. Of course, life isn't predictable, and we don't necessarily get to do the things we plan. Work or other responsibilities may come in the way of you going on a date.
However, this isn't an excuse to stand someone up or forget to notify that you won't be able to make it. Don't break dates. Find a way to reach there on time, or reschedule if you have to.
I've been talking to you for the past 5 minutes and you haven't even heard half of it. Am I talking to a pole or can we ever have a normal conversation?
Guys, pay attention. That's pretty much what it all comes down to. Women want to be heard and understood; even if men can't empathize with them. Selective listening is a definite no-no, and don't tune her out; these should be avoided at all costs.
You've got to be kidding me!! You want to sleep... now? How is it that you feel sleepy right after this? Ever heard of cuddling or just spending some time in each others company? Am I the only one who wants to feel close to you?
Most women don't get intimate with every guy they find interesting. So when she does take this step with a guy, it means that she wants more than just being physical. After the act, don't roll over and fall asleep immediately; talk to her while holding her in your arms. In the future, this will work in your favor.
You know that the dirty dishes in the sink won't magically clean themselves. You do see them, don't you? Can you not help me once instead of watching television and drinking beer?
Most men are unaware that basic household chores have to be done regularly. Cleaning the entire house, doing the laundry and dishes, taking out the trash, getting groceries, etc., are things that can't be avoided. Now if men conveniently overlook these details, it will obviously infuriate women.
Not only did I get a new haircut, but I'm also wearing the new perfume I bought last week. Surely you see the difference in my hairstyle . Or perhaps I am expecting a little too much from you!
Don't be blind to the small changes a woman makes with herself or around you. These small gestures are what matter to women a lot, and when a guy acknowledges them, it's like no other feeling in the world. She wants to look beautiful, and does it all just so that a man would notice.
You know, there's a small trash can on your side of the bed. For once, you can use it instead of letting your fingernail clippings fly all across the room.
Cleanliness is next to Godliness. It's not just an old saying, but something that men should abide by. Leaving fingernail clippings or beard shavings around the room/bathroom sink is not at all acceptable. It's not only unhygienic, but can also be a deal breaker for some relationships.
Let me get this straight! You want me to pack my bags this instant, call in sick at work, and leave with you right now? I'm supposed to do all this without you telling me what the surprise is? I don't think so.
Women are fickle; I'll admit it. Many times, they don't know what they really want. If you do surprise them with elaborate plans, they generally want you to do the opposite - not to surprise them. So be very careful when you try to tackle this one with your girlfriend/spouse. The waters need to be tested at least once before giving up on the surprise thing.
So... you'd rather text me 10 times a day than call me once and find out what's the plan for tonight?
Guys, call. Texting is convenient and you can reach to the point of the conversation in a short time. But a woman likes it when you pick up the phone and call her (bonus points if the call is to just to hear her voice or see how she's doing). A call is a more personal and intimate manner of communication as supposed to sending texts.
Did you know that men and women have unique methods of using the bathroom? Men require the seat to be lifted up, while women, well, we can do without this step.
A man forgetting to put the toilet seat down is something every woman in a relationship goes through. Men, on the other hand, reason that after they are done using the bathroom, the seat can be left in the upright position - it's the person using it after them can adjust the seat however he/she likes.
So a simple solution to this dilemma can be - a man lifts the seat, finishes his business, and leaves the seat upright; a woman puts the seat down, takes care of her business, and leaves the seat as it is.
I'm really tired of picking up after you. There's a place for everything in the house and everything should be in its place. So will you stop leaving your used, wet towel on the bedroom floor from now.
Most women like to keep every item around the house in its specific place. Some men argue that due to time constraints, this may or may not be possible each time. Plus, it's not just the wet towel issue.
There can be empty containers lying around the house or in the refrigerator, the trash can would be overflowing, the dirty plates in the sink, pee on the toilet seat, or even crumbs on the bed (basically, being a slob). All this can be too much to handle. To this, all we can say is - be a little more responsible.
Sweetheart, we are lost. You refused to use MapQuest and dismissed my suggestion of asking for directions. I'm hungry. I'm tired. I wanna go home.
What's with men and not asking for directions? It's a universal trait that doesn't seem to disappear anytime soon. If you ask for directions, it's not going to affect your manhood in any manner. In fact, it's just the opposite; women will look at it like being responsible and avoiding the possibilities of getting lost in the middle of nowhere.
Why can't you say something nice about me, without having to ask you every time? Why is it so hard for you to compliment me every once in a while?
Saying two nice words about someone doesn't take a lot of time. Plus, the one giving the compliment isn't really losing a lot here. Women always complain about how men don't notice their clothes, hairstyle, makeup, or generally the way they look. Well, if men do understand this simple trick to keep women happy, life would be so much sweeter.
Wow, that's just perfect. You actually think that my behavior at the moment is due to PMS? You feel that is what's making me furious right now? I believe you should look in the mirror to find the real problem here.
Guys, PMS is not the only reason some women get a little irritated. Yes, this particular time isn't always the best, but blaming it will not make things better. In fact, it does the opposite. Women tend to be a bit moody and extra sensitive during this time. So be gentle and think before you blame PMS for any disagreements you may have with one another.
You know I am right on this one. But like always, you're not going to admit it, are you? Why do you do this every time? At least once, let me have the satisfaction that I was right and you were wrong.
What's with men and always wanting to be right? Of course, it's nice to be right about things; especially in heated discussions, general knowledge, and basically anything and everything life throws at us.
But that doesn't automatically mean not agreeing when you're wrong. No one is going to beat you with a stick if you admit to them once in a while. Swallow that macho ego, boys.
When we were dating, you always opened the car door for me and held the door open. What's changed now? What, I don't deserve it anymore? Or just because I'm your wife now, it's OK to overlook these things?
As a relationship evolves, so do the couple in terms of their conduct. The small gestures that were done to impress one another slowly disappear. Of course, being comfortable is one of the reasons behind this sudden shift in demeanor. But that's what a couple, not just men, should try to avoid. This can be a recipe for disaster.
You know you turn into a baby when you get sick. Darling, I'm here for you, but you've got to stop acting like I'm your mommy. It's not healthy, for both of us.
Everybody gets sick from time to time. But some men forget that they are not 10 years old anymore. Instead of 'taking it like a man', they begin to whine, complain, and feel sad that the flu has got the better of them.
A woman has natural instincts of taking care of the people around her. So you've got nothing to worry about. Just tone down the I'm-sick-please-take-care-of-me syndrome.
I can see in your plate what you've ordered for dinner, honey. I don't wanna see it getting demolished in your mouth.
Chewing with your mouth open. Come on, now that's something perhaps a majority of people (including men) will have an issue with. While you're eating something, please make sure that it's not easily visible to all; it's what differentiates us from animals.
You wanna know why I won't go out with you? It's because of that god-awful stench you have after you smoke. This is something I can't overlook.
Well, smoking is a personal choice. No one can actually do anything about it; unless the individual who smokes quits on his own. So, I won't call this habit an issue in all relationships, but yes, smoking does kill the mood for some women.
Your best friend just lost his job. Are you dead inside? Doesn't this bother you? He may need your support right now. And you're acting like nothing's wrong.
Hiding or never expressing and showing their true feelings is something many men have mastered. It may seem that 'talking about feelings' is something women enjoy, but it's nice to let off a little bit of steam.
Including the woman you care about into your mind and what you're going through can be a refreshing experience. Also, it keeps her off your back about 'sharing' things with her.
You know I love you and we have this amazing connection that can't be broken. But if you keep leaving the door open while using the bathroom, those feelings may vanish.
You can say that men can be more open and comfortable about their bodies than women. So when this confidence transcends towards displaying or sharing every little thing they do, it can backfire.
This means not closing the bathroom door while inside, where she can see everything that you're doing. So let's keep some things private. It'll make everybody's lives simpler.
You can get angry and vent out. I get upset over things as well. But I know what to say and when to say it. I don't want to be exposed to your curses.
Foul mouth is a big no-no for many women. Here, a man and a woman don't necessarily have to be in a relationship. Cursing is something many people aren't comfortable with, and this fact should be kept in mind whenever you're in a bad state of mind. People notice how you behave in tough situations, and judge you accordingly.
Yes, we know she looks hot in that bikini. Her voluptuous body can attract any man. Hey, honey? Your girlfriend... right here. I can see exactly what's going on.
You can't get away with this one; checking out or flirting with other women when you're not single, big mistake. There can be dangerous repercussions for this one. I know that boys will be boys, but come on. How dumb can you be to do that when your girlfriend, partner, or wife can see you.
Whenever we sit to watch television, you either want to hog the remote or surf through 500 channels in 10 seconds. Can we please pick one show and stick to watching it till the end? My eyes are starting to hurt a little.
It seems that men and women are always fighting over who gets to hang onto the remote. The unwritten rule specifies that whoever has the possession of the remote, chooses the program. So instead of arguing about what's to be done of the remote and the rapid channel surfing, it's better to lay some ground rules.
Juliana was telling me that when she was on a date with Noah, he couldn't keep his cell phone away for 2 minutes. Every so often, he would check his Facebook and Twitter accounts, or take calls from his work. Noah shouldn't have done that. Right, honey?
These not-so-subtle hints should be kept in mind, guys. Not paying attention to what she says and getting distracted is a bad combination for any couple. Women do complain about how some men can't seem to stay away from their cell phones or other gadgets. Perhaps a pre-planned code of conduct might help you in the future.
I don't know if you've noticed it, but my eyes are up here. There's nothing down there that can hear what you're saying. So if you want to have a conversation with me, you better have an eye-to-eye contact with me.
Staring at a woman's assets while you talk to her, risky move. Not only are women turned off by this behavior, it also is disrespectful. This will annoy the heck out of anyone who has self-respect and wants to be treated with dignity.
We have a loofah with a handle in the bathroom. There's no need to substitute it with a ladle. You want to scratch your back, refrain from using my utensils.
Okay, ewww. That's a little weird and disturbing. I really don't have much to say about this, apart from suggesting a better method of hygiene and common sense. Forget women, I believe even many men would detest this kind of behavior.
Nice car. Amazing color. That's all the reply you're gonna get from me. I don't go gaga over cars like you do. Maybe you'd like to talk about shopping instead?
Women know that the love affair between men and mechanics is indestructible. And no matter what they say, men will always have a soft spot for shiny cars and macho motorcycles. So don't think that every woman will participate in your fascination or would like to hear about it 24/7.
I can understand your need to run everything by your mother. You're her only child. But do you have to discuss our honeymoon plans with her?
A mommy's (or daddy's) boy is tough to handle. Plus, not many women can get through to men who confide every little detail with their mothers. Having a close relationship with parents is healthy, but not to the point where it damages your love life. Find a balance, that's all there is to it.
Since when did I agree to the rule that you'll play with the kids and I'll be the one in charge of cooking for them, cleaning afterward, feeding them, and disciplining? How about a little help here?
Selective parenting is quite common among couples where the man doesn't like to get his hands dirty, literally. It puts a lot of pressure on a woman, and can easily make her feel frustrated. Childcare is a joint effort which should be entered into amicably.
You never understand what is it that I want. I leave all these hints around, and you fail to see them. How in-your-face should I be?
I'll admit, not every woman can be upfront about what she wants her man to do. She can be fickle-minded and confused as to what her heart truly desires.
So when it comes to reading her mind or picking up on all her little hints, the best way to tackle this is to listen (to what she says), respond (ask specific questions), and act (do exactly what she wants, when she wants it).
I know it's a lot to ask, and this strict regime can be putting-off for many men. But for those who want to put in an extra effort, proceed accordingly.
You and Lori broke up a year ago. We've been dating for the past 3 months. I think I know all there is about the two of you. I don't want any more information.
Badmouthing your ex in front of your new girlfriend is unacceptable. You may be trying to make your current girlfriend feel better about herself by putting your ex down, but all they see is how you may behave if, heaven forbid, the two of you ever broke up.
What's with the smile? I wanna cuddle. Hold me in your arm and sleep.

Cuddling doesn't necessarily mean doing it. Assumptions may or may not work; so tread softly. It's a sensitive issue, and if the signals are misunderstood, it can leave a woman fuming.
You look at yourself in the mirror more times than I do. If it's alright with you, I'd like to get ready now. We're getting late for our dinner reservation with Jodie and Matthew.

There are men who like to look presentable and care about what they are wearing.
But when this fixation to look good becomes too much to handle, it can be a frustrating affair for a woman. If a woman didn't find you handsome and wasn't attracted towards you, she wouldn't be with you in the first place. So stop obsessing over your looks, and pay a little more attention on hers.
Do you really have to do that in front of me and all these strange people around? Go and adjust yourself some place where you can get a little privacy. Nobody wants to see that.

I think we all know what I'm talking about here. So let's cut to the chase and say - don't do it in public.
Every time your buddies come over to play PS3, there are all these wires lying around at the end. I don't want to be the one to put everything back in its place. So you better do it or have your buddies help out.
Men love their video games. But leaving the wires lying all around the living room can tick off any woman. So be kind and help out more often. Play your games and put everything back where they belong, before she has to ask you to do it.
There always comes a time in all relationships when annoying habits can become intolerable. Compromise and adjustment, from both the sides, is the key here, and knowing when to let go.
Although we've talked a lot about men and how they can frustrate women, it doesn't mean the reverse is not possible. Women have certain habits that men can't stand as well. Which is why, life requires balance. If you learn to bring small changes in your behavior, relationships can become easier to handle.