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Nose Hair Removal

Deepa Kartha
There are a lot of things to keep in mind when it comes to grooming. One such thing is to ensure that one's nasal hair doesn't get a glimpse of the outside world. Here are some of the widely used methods for getting rid of that unwanted, protruding hair from the nostrils.
Although having nasal hair is considered to be undesirable by people, it actually protects our body by preventing the harmful air particles from entering the respiratory system. However, most of us fail to realize this fact and choose to remove it completely because it makes us look shabby and unkempt.
Generally, as we age, we begin to lose the hair on our head. However, the phenomenon is just the opposite when it comes to the hair inside the nose. Apparently, the older we get, the more we see these hair strands taking a peek of the outside world from the nostrils.
Surely, as much as we need them to be there, we don't want others to acknowledge their presence too, do we? The market has come up with various methods specifically designed for this very purpose. Here we throw light on the same.

Different Ways to Get Rid of Nose Hair


Using tweezers to get this job done is one of the most widely used, but painful method. If not done with care and caution it could lead to a possible infection as well.
Before you start this procedure, do not forget to clean the tweezers thoroughly with alcohol. Once you have done this, stand before a mirror and tilt your head slightly. With the other hand, widen your nostrils a bit and tweeze one hair at a time. You can also press the tip of your nose backwards to get a good glimpse of the hair.
If done properly, this method can help you get a neat look. However, note that there are chances of scabbing too.


Trimming is one of the most common methods used by men. Nasal hair can be trimmed with the help of manual or electronic trimmers.
However, most people say that electronic or battery-run trimmers give better results when compared to the manual ones. So, before investing in one, research well about the different types of trimming equipment in detail. Ensure that you follow the instructions given in the manual carefully to avoid any kind of accidents.
Apart from the use of trimmers, there are many people who prefer using scissors to trim their nasal hair. However, scissors can be dangerous as one wrong move can cause injury to the nose. Nevertheless, if you still want to use them, use the one that is manufactured specially for this purposeā€•a scissor with rounded tips.

Hair Removal Cream

Another painless method of removing unwanted hair from the nose is using hair removal cream. But, you have to be very careful while choosing the cream as applying it can cause irritation. Also, there is a risk of leakage of the cream through the nostrils. So, one should opt for creams which contain ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, lemon juice.
Wrap a cloth around your finger and dip it in warm water. Now, take some hair removal cream on the same finger and apply it inside your nose. Wait for a few minutes so that the nasal hair softens. After some time, take a dry wash cloth and wipe away the cream. The hair dissolves into the cream, and comes off easily when wiped.


Yes, there are people who also use wax to remove nasal hair! Mind you, it could be a tad bit painful, causing your eyes to tear and all, but if that doesn't bother you much, it is an effective method.
Dip the tip of a cotton swab with warm wax. Insert the swab inside your nostrils and wait for the wax to cool down. When the wax drys out, just pull out the inserted cotton swab with an abrupt motion.

Laser Hair Removal

A permanent solution is the laser hair removal method. In this method, intense light beams are used to burn the hair from its roots, thus stopping hair growth completely. However, it is an expensive procedure and may not be considered affordable by all. Moreover, we do need some nose hair to keep the unwanted air particles off our system.
Different folks prefer different methods based on their specific needs. While some just prefer trimming the protruding whiskers, some want complete removal. No matter what option you choose, ensure that you carry out the entire procedure with necessary caution. Also, do not perform this task in a hurry as you may end up hurting your nose.