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Outfit Ideas That Go Well With a Bow Tie

If you ever had the opportunity to lay your eyes on a man sporting a bow tie, we are sure his image must have lodged into your memory like a stain. That is the power of the bow tie.
So, if you are looking to get a shove from fogyish to modish, then this story promises to give you the much-needed by offering you some outfit ideas that go well with a bow tie.
"When you wear a bow tie, doors open for you. Your posture is a little more erect; your shoulders are a little further back; your style is a little more dynamic. It's about the reestablishment of the gentleman."
― Dhani Jones
Fellas, there are indefinitely small number of things in life that don't insist upon perfection (this number in the capricious realm of fashion becomes distinctly definite), and the art of wearing a bow tie is one such thing. 
The more your bow tie inclines towards perfection, the closer you inch toward folks' affection, for it is indicative of your earnest exertion.
Before we begin with the purposeful edification of the male-kind, we would like them to invigorate their spare time and ponder whether they would like their bow tie as a feature that will complement their ensemble or as an admirable object that attracts notice.
We hope our snazzy European verbiage doesn't give you a brain hemorrhage. We better switch to our elemental mode, we reckon. There are few requisites that the modern man must din into his head, should he desire to don the bow tie.
Never try to make your bow tie a part of Rainbow Rambo Circus, meaning, never have it with an outfit that boasts of many colors, because if you do, then your bow tie will feel emasculated.

Know your bow tie first.

It is of cardinal importance that you know what kind of bow tie you want to wear, the Butterfly which we strictly recommend to the uninitiated, the Batwing for those who are not intimidated or feel dubious about this neck-wear and can pull off a clean and uber classy look effortlessly...
... the Diamond point for the man who knows how to parlay asymmetry to sex appeal, and the rounded for the shy yet sophisticated. Well, there's also the bigger version of the butterfly but that's strictly reserved for the alta nervy ones.
For a formal event, always adhere to the classics―the black, the navy blue, or the red bow tie―never indulge in unrestrained swashbuckling when a perceptible level of gravitas is necessary.
To align you with the plane of elegance and excellence, we have come up with the following looks that will make you look like a gentleman du jour. Allow us to present you the Classics first.
Timeless Alliance of Tuxedo and Bow Tie
The Stylish Slim Dress Shit with Bow Tie

The Unusual Unison of Camel Trench Coat and Bow Tie

Gentleman's Guide to Donning The Bow Tie

Bow Tie and Denim, Dude-ly-do

This could be your time to go preppy and dandy; your bow tie will look perfectly framed in a denim shirt and suspenders.
While a blue, mustard, navy, beige, etc., will be perfectly consistent with the denim blue, we couldn't help but cave into the charm of the classic black. For a more dude-ly-do effect, pair it with black chinos or beige chinos with complementing suede saddle shoes.

The No-Nonsense Nerd

This guy knows his stuff, he knows how two unlikely patterns can be put together to create a harmonious effect. It doesn't behoove you to stick to the rules, you can very much mingle polka dots with graph check or houndstooth with argyle or candy stripe with polka dots. He's so much evolved we tell you.

Structured Amidst the Layers

Bow tie works appreciably well with layers, especially when it is fenced in with a scarf or even if the scarf is casually worn around the neck. Structure your bow tie with a Chesterfield coat, and your natty self will have reached cosmic levels of style.

As a Proud Accent

A bow tie will proudly lend itself as an elegant accessory, whether you wear it with a tuxedo, or a suit or a casual blazer or a varsity jacket. In case you are planning on sporting a solid, bright colored blazer, then make sure you keep your bow tie muted, unless of course you want to be spotted from a mile off.

Looks That Befit the Urban Debonair

Bow Tie with Sweater

Casual with Check Patterned Bow Tie

Casual Slim Shirt with Green Bow Tie

Checkered Shirt with Fetching Orange Bow Tie

Polka Dot Bow Tie with a Classic Black Suit

Some More Cool Inspiration

Once you develop a comfortable sartorial rapport with your bow tie, then you can experiment with prints, textures, and fabrics. Check out the cool options below.

Wooden Bow Tie

Grenadine Bow Tie

 Sai Kardile

Alvin Mahmudov