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15 Qualities an Alpha Woman Needs in a Man

Buzzle Staff Mar 2, 2020
A relationship between an alpha woman and an alpha man can turn in to a competition or a power struggle, but a beta man may not be enough for an alpha woman. What she needs is the perfect blend of qualities of both an alpha and a beta.
Certain qualities make an alpha, whether man or woman, stand out from the rest. All alphas are action-oriented individuals, natural leaders, and achieve success in life.
Their natural charisma makes them very popular. No wonder, most of them have lots of friends and even more admirers.

Qualities an Alpha Woman Looks for in a Man

A man who isn't stable in his life and secure with himself cannot be with an alpha woman. He needs strength in his wings to accompany the woman who loves to fly high in the sky. Security need not be just materialistic, he needs to have a secure mindset.
An alpha woman is 'the' girl. She has it all - success, fame, money, looks! Guys want to be with her and girls wanna be like her. She needs a man who can handle all this and doesn't get feel threatened by the number of guys vying for her attention.
He knows when to just hold your hand and let you vent. He should know when to shut his mouth, cause an alpha woman can be very dangerous when she's angry. He won't insistently keep on arguing with his lady. He'll let her talk, then he'll express his opinion.
Every woman needs a man who can handle her at her worst, especially an alpha woman. The highs and lows can be very extreme for an alpha, thus the guy needs to have more patience when dealing with her.
She wants to be successful in every sphere of her life, and this can take a toll on her. An alpha woman needs a man who'll cheer her up when she's sad, pamper her when's feeling low, and jump with her when she's happy!
An alpha woman needs a man who doesn't cling to her all the time, and lets her have her own space. He knows when she wants to be with her family, friends, or focus on her work. But, that doesn't mean he'll just be an option for her. He knows he's a priority in her life.
An alpha woman may be more successful than her man. She doesn't believe in restricting herself to conventional gender norms. She earning more or being more popular shouldn't make the guy insecure. He should appreciate her hard work, achievements, and be proud of his girl.
An alpha woman is very ambitious. She needs a guy who can be the wind that gives strength to her wings. She needs someone who encourages her and appreciates her.
He pushes her ahead in life, but he also knows when to tell her to stop. He wants her to reach the peak, but more importantly he wants her to be happy.
Alpha women don't like easy things. They love the chase and then the satisfaction of achieving something.
Every alpha woman loves to be wooed, no doubt, but she'll want her man to constantly up the bar by challenging her. She'll love a guy who can make her think hard and laugh harder. She'll want a guy who's witty and smart.
Whether it is the promotion she's vying for or the new hobby she's pursuing, whenever an alpha woman achieves something (and she'll achieve a lot!) her man will be cheering her.
He'll be her biggest supporter, and will be ready to take care of home or children as well, to ensure that his lady accomplishes her dreams.
He should be accommodating of her busy life, but won't let her run over him. An alpha woman cannot be with a man who just bends as if he's spineless. He must have self-respect and firm opinions.

He Knows When to Speak

An alpha woman needs a man who can be assertive, straightforward, and firm when the need be. He knows when to make his point and convince her gal when something is not good for her. It requires skill on his part, as alpha women are known to be stubborn and may get carried away when running after something.

He Makes You Laugh

Marilyn Monroe rightly said, "If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything." An alpha woman has to deal with lot of pressure at work, all she needs is someone who can make her relax, laugh, and rejuvenate. A very serious or boring person won't be able to win her heart, ever!

He Has His Own Life

An alpha woman has everything sorted in her life. She doesn't need a man, she wants him. She is on top of her career, she has a supportive family, and loyal friends. She expects her man to have his own life and own accomplishments.

He is Successful

An alpha woman can never be with a guy who is not successful. She doesn't mind the guy going after his passions or interests, but she expects him to reach the pinnacle in whatever field he chooses. She'll support him till he reaches there, but that doesn't mean she'll let him slack. She'll push her guy to be successful and happy.

He's Your Biggest Critic

An alpha woman already has too many admirers; she doesn't need a fan; she needs a man! She needs someone who'll scold her when she makes a mistake, tell her when she does something wrong, and be with her as she cleans her mess.