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Safety Razor Vs. Straight Razor

Aastha Dogra
You must have heard men say that a safety razor can never give as close a shave as a straight razor. Here we compare both these razor varieties to find out the truth.
You must have wondered, at some point of time, why men shave. Considering that there is no medical reason behind this daily ritual undertaken by them, the main reason could be that they want to appear presentable, especially in front of women. A close shave adds to the appeal of a man for many women.
No wonder men spend a considerable amount of time shaving. Although electric shaver reviews have been quite good, men still prefer the good old blade to shave. However, they are often confused about the kind of razor to use. Given is a comparison between a safety razor and straight razor on their various parameters.
A straight razor, also known as a cut throat razor, is a razor with a permanent single blade and a handle. Like in a pocket knife, the blade of a straight razor can be folded inside the handle cavity. Straight razor blades are either made of stainless steel or high carbon steel.
A safety razor, as the name suggests, is designed in such a way that only the edge of the blade is exposed to the skin of the user, thereby protecting him from any kind of injury.


A safety razor is very easy to use. Even a first time user can produce good shaving results with it. On the other hand, using a straight razor for hair removal requires a great deal of practice and patience.
The proper method of shaving has to be learned while using a straight razor as it involves a lot of skill, steadiness, and training. This might take days or sometimes even months.


Both the straight razor and the safety razor make your skin equally smooth. However, a straight razor gives a smoother shave as compared to a safety. It shaves more closely, although it takes a bit more time.


In case the facial hair is very long and coarse, using a straight razor for shaving is the only option. A safety razor might not be able to shave a long beard.


Straight Razors are safe once the user has learned how to shave properly. A first time shaver however, should be prepared for some small cuts here and there. A safety razor is safer than a straight razor. It ensures a smooth, quick shave with no cuts.

Time consumption

Shaving with a safety razor is less time-consuming as it is a ready-to-use razor, while a straight razor needs to be sharpened with a razor strop before every use. The sharpening does take a few extra minutes every day.

Environment friendliness

Safety razors are comparatively less environment friendly as compared to straight razors as the blades need replacing. In a straight razor, the blade can be sharpened before a shave. The same can also be done for a safety razor to prolong its life, but the blades need replacement eventually.


A straight razor is a one time investment as the blade does not need to be changed and usually lasts for a couple of years. A straight razor with inscriptions might cost a little more but simpler straight razor designs do not cost much.
Safety razors, on the other hand, are quite expensive. The blades need to be replaced at regular intervals, which does not do much for you in terms of saving money.
A comparison between the two shows that there is no clear winner. Shaving facial hair by either of these two has its pros and cons. Buy a safety razor set complete with a stand and a shaving brush, if it is convenience that you are looking for.
However, if you are the "masculine type" who is proud of his steaks and beer, who loves to take risks, and derives satisfaction from doing things himself, then buy yourself a straight razor set.