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Scene Hairstyles for Guys

Smita Pandit
If you wish to sport the scene look, you should be willing to don a choppy layered haircut and experiment with hair colors. Here are a few options for scene haircuts for guys.
These days many young girls and boys have taken a fancy to the scene hairdos. Being a scenester is all about donning a hairdo that reflects your sense of style. Since these hairdos are very different from the mainstream hairdos, boys and girls who sport such hairstyles definitely make heads turn.
The predominant element of these hairstyles is the use of bold hair color ideas on hair that is randomly cut into choppy layers. Scene boys and girls are always experimenting with different looks. You can see them sporting androgynous, shaggy, choppy, wild, or shy scene haircuts.

Hairstyles for Scenesters

Sporting a scene haircut is all about expressing your individuality, which is why it is essential to zero in on a style that matches well with your personality.

Scene Haircuts for Men with Short Hair

If your hair is very short or closely cropped, you wouldn't be able to style them in a scene hairdo. While there are a wide variety of styling options for guys with long hair or medium hair, there aren't many styling options when it comes to short scene haircuts.
Guys with short hair can still create a unique look by using bold colors. If your hair is wavy, use a hair straightener to straighten them.
You can then dye your hair black and add bright blue or red streaks. You can get your hair styled in razor cut and use gel to spike your hair. You can also style your hair in a short faux hawk or spike your hair at the back of the crown.
Use a volumizing hair spray to add volume at the crown and near the back of the head. You can also use hair accessories to spice up your look. Wait till your hair grows a little longer, then you will have countless styling options to choose from.

Scene Haircuts for Men with Medium Hair

Guys with medium or long hair can style their hair in a variety of scene haircuts. To add volume at the back of the crown, the hair at the back must be at least 3 to 4 inches long. For hairdos with straight side bangs, the hair at the front must be of chin-length. Lots of choppy layers are incorporated into these hairdos.
Hair at the back is spiked up and the bangs are dyed with bright hair colors to create a unique look. While scene girls often use bright hair colors, guys often dye most of their hair black and dye the long side sweeping side bangs with bright colors. One of the trends is to let bangs fall on one eye.
If your hair is of shoulder length, you can cut your hair in different lengths, incorporate lots of choppy layers, and spike your hair at the back. You can style your hair in an asymmetrical face framing hairstyle with bangs. Bangs can be colored in blond, blue, or bright red.
You can also create distinct patterns of different colors within your hair. Though long or medium scene haircuts are created by spiking up hair at the back, you could also spike your hair throughout.
There's no dearth of options for guys who want to style their hair like scenesters, just look for a hairstyle that suits your face shape and defines your personality in the best possible way. Since you will need to use hairstyling products to maintain such hairdos, make sure that you take good care of your hair.