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Semi Formal Attire for Men

Mamta Mule

Want to know about the right semi formal attire for men? Here are some tips that will help you pick the right pieces and dress up perfectly.
Wearing the right outfit, pairing it up with the right footwear and accessories adds to your personality. Be it a formal or casual event, dressing up in the right way is very important. But what if you attending an event that calls for 'semi formal attire'? Well, if you are amongst those who don't know exactly what is the right semi formal attire for men, here are some tips for you.

Semi Formal Clothing for Guys


Basically, donning semi formal clothing means wearing a full suit. The vest remains optional. Young men can wear blazers and sports coats. These are stylish alternatives to the suit coat. Semi formal clothing for a wedding can include double-breasted vest.
Dark-colored business suits are the best ones to go for. You can have coats in navy blue, dark gray or charcoal color. For evening wear, don a subtle lighter colored coat. For summers consider wearing classy white coats. Button-down shirt is a must for the perfect semi formal look.
If you are wearing a suit, you'll be pairing it with matching trousers. If you choose to wear a stylish blazer or sports coat, then have your pant's fabric and color different from that of this jacket. Black or gray striped trousers will give you an awesome look.
Black trousers with a satin seam on the outer side of leg is one of the popular choice. You can also consider wearing dark-colored dress slacks with jacket and tie. Let me tell you that denim or tight tailor-made trousers are a strict no-no.

Material Used

Remember to keep away the linen and seersucker suits. The perfect fabric choices are wool, gabardine or cashmere. A wool blend is definitely a smart option to go for. You must essentially opt for high quality fabrics.

Other Essentials

Wearing a tie with the suit is optional. If you choose to wear one, make sure it compliments your suit and shirt. Bow tie or pinned ascot are good alternatives to neckties. Again, best to stick to the grays. Accessories can include pearl cufflinks. You can also go for back or gold cufflinks.
Wearing studs is okay when dressing up for the semi formal event. Shoes need to be subtle. Oxford shoes are a fave of many and are perfect for this attire. You can go for dark-colored leather shoes which look perfect. Casual shoes are a strict no-no. Match socks with color of your pants.
Make sure that your outfits are neatly pressed, wrinkle and odor-free. Proper grooming needs no mention. Semi formal should not be confused with casual clothing. This is a common mistake that many make. The aforementioned tips will help you choose the right pieces from your closet.
Well, if you don't have the outfits right there, it is a good idea to invest in these. So don the right clothing, pair with perfect accessories, add a neatly folded pocket square and you are ready for the event.