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Shaving Tips for Men

Marian K
Shaving is an integral part of a man's daily routine. He does not refrain from doing so even if he hurts himself during the process. Here are some shaving tips for men to get a smoother and cleaner shave without cuts and burns.
Statistics say that the average man spends 3,000 hours in his lifetime shaving off his facial hair. It is not a new development, as men (and women) have been doing it for thousands of years.
Yet, despite the best technology (four-bladed razors with moisturizer strips, waterproof, cordless electric razors), nicks and cuts are still an unfortunate reality. Here are some tips that will help you perfect your technique, and overcome those nasty burns.

Underlying Mechanism

  • The cream or soap used plumps up the muscle called the erector pili, which pushes the hair up.
  • This activity releases skin-softening oils from beneath the skin.
  • The end result is hair that is soft and pushed up.
  • Thus, it cuts off easily and right from the base.

Preliminaries to be Followed

  • The first step is to ready the surface of the skin.
  • Splash your face generously with hot water, or place a hot, wet towel over your face for a few minutes.
  • Next, use circular motions, and massage the soap gently into your skin.
  • A gel often works better than a cream.

Usage of a Brush

  • A badger-hair brush is popularly used to lather up the cream, and spread it around.
  • This one is left up to individual preference with no confirmed advantages.
  • Thus, if it doesn't hurt and you are satisfied with the results, go ahead and use it.
  • Remember to replace it every now and then, for you don't want it to become a host for bacteria.

Tip for Curly Hair

  • Men with curly and coiled hair should preferably use special creams.
  • If hair of this texture is pulled up with the razor but slips beneath the skin again, it may not find its way out of the follicle, resulting in ingrown hair.
  • About 50% of African-American men use electric razors, which may help combat the problem.

Tips for Sensitive Skin

  • Men with sensitive skin are advised to use single-edged blades.
  • Sensitive skin may be irritated with double and triple-edged razors.
  • A prepared skin is what helps in getting a good job done, not the number of blades.
  • Use a good quality razor (preferably with a moisturizing strip), and ensure that you replace it at the first sign of bluntness.
  • A good thumb rule to follow is that if you need to use pressure, it's time to replace it.

General Tips

  • A tip that may surprise many is the suggestion of shaving in the direction in which the hair is growing for the first one or two passes.
  • This method is gentle on the skin, and good effects are observed through the last pass done against the grain.
  • While doing this, check the direction of growth by running your hand over your face and neck. Hair grows in different directions on different parts of the face.
  • The tips for body hair are the same as the ones given earlier.
  • In addition, men are advised to trim the body hair, as long strands will clog up the razor and make the process difficult.
  • Also, men should remember that while doing the legs, work must be done against the grain.
  • After the job is done, rinse the area off with cool water, and pat it dry with a towel.
  • Wrap up with a balm-like moisturizer.
Now that you know a number of useful tips, just follow them, and flaunt your looks to all those ladies!