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10 Shoes Every Guy Should Own

Malvika Kulur
Shoes are a window to a guy's personality and character. Therefore, every guy should wear a good, well-kept pair of shoes. Presented to you is a list of 10 shoes that every guy should own.
I like a man who can be a real friend, has a good sense of humor, a good pair of shoes and a healthy gold card.
- Victoria Beckham
Unlike women, men are happy owning just a few pair of shoes. When they go to buy shoes, they know exactly what they want, in which color, and for what purpose, thus making their shopping experience very easy and quick. Most importantly, when men go for shoe shopping, they stress on the comfort factor--one thing women never do.
Even with shopping being so easy, some men tend to make some massive blunders when it comes to their choice of shoes. They end up buying shoes that either do not look good, or those that just do not suit their body type and personality. To put them out of their misery, here is a list of essential shoes that every man should have in his closet or shoe rack.

For Your Shoe Rack

Just like how diamonds are a girl's best friend, in the same way, sneakers are a man's best friend.
They are comfortable, can be worn on nearly everything, are easy to wear and match with clothes, and there are so many varieties to choose from. Every man should have at least one pair of sneakers to call his own.
Men have it very easy when it comes to choosing boots. All they have to choose from is hiking, motorcycle, cowboy, and dress boots. Surprisingly, all these types of boots can be paired up with a casual as well as formal attire.
To successfully carry off boots without looking out of place, it has to be done with "confidence."
Oxfords or Balmorals are a pair of shoes that every man should own. These shoes are very stylish and add a touch of glamor to suits worn for everyday work. Balmorals are low leather shoes with a unique vintage design.
These shoes have a lacing over the instep and are available in many colors and brands. Oxfords are the safest option to wear if you are in a suit or tuxedo and do not know what to do to accentuate your look.
Loafers are trendy, casual and very comfortable. They go amazingly well with jeans, linen trousers, and tweed trousers, or if you are bold enough, you could also pair these up with knee-length or beach shorts.
Loafers give the wearer a very classy and sporty look. Available in Suede leather, these shoes are the perfect blend in casual and formal footwear.
Wingtips are very popular with those who are very style-conscious. These shoes complete the entire formal attire. These shoes remind you of the old movies whose story line revolved around mafia or drug cartels.
Sleek suits with hair gelled down and paired with wingtips will make any girl swoon. Polish, sophistication, and confidence is the aura that people who wear these shoes ooze.
Dress Shoes
Typical dress shoes are traditionally worn on suits and tuxedos. However, guys today are pulling off these shoes even with jeans and linen trousers.
These shoes are the ultimate corporate shoes, as they look classy and elegant. They are perfect for interviews, formal black-tie events, and for impressing your girlfriend's parents.
Cap Toes
Cap toes are a variant of dress shoes. They serve the same purpose as dress shoes or formal shoes. If you have broad feet, cap toes are the best option for you.
They are comfortable and durable. They are available in a variety of colors, heel lengths and widths, and are a must-have for every guy.
The Derby (also called bucks or Gibson) is a pair of shoes that is absolutely essential for a guy. They were a rage in the 1950s and are still very popular.
These shoes are your typical lace-ups with the eyelet tabs of the shoe laces stitched on the vamp of the shoe, giving it its distinct design. Many people would confuse these for Oxfords, but they are a complete contrast to the latter.
Thongs or flip-flops are popular because of the absolute comfort they provide. You can wear it at home, at the beach, or just for any absolutely casual outing.
They look superb with beach shorts, jeans, or even linen trousers.
Boat Shoes
Boat shoes look very similar to loafers, but they come with laces. This variety of shoes is equally comfortable and trendy like loafers, and go with nearly everything in your closet.
Pair these shoes with a pair of tweed trousers, hat, suspenders, and a nice half-sleeved shirt, and you will look like a typical Englishman.
Even if you go wrong with your outfit, don't fret! Your shoes are right there to save the day. If worn with confidence, they will make even the most casual outfit look as if you've just walked off a fashion runway.