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Skull Caps for Men

Dr. Sumaiya Khan Mar 16, 2020
Skull caps come in different types and colors. They may or may not hold some kind of religious significance. Given below are details regarding skull caps for men...
Whether they are for protection or simply to look cool, skull caps have always been an object of curiosity. Skull caps are of different types and colors and are often worn for different purposes. They are even made from different materials ranging from yarn to leather. At times, they are even symbolic of certain religious beliefs. Given below are details regarding different types of skull caps and their significance.

Skull Cap Beanie

A beanie is a brimless cap which was popular amongst school boys from the 19th century till the early 1940s. They are now resurfacing as a fashion trend. The structure of a beanie varies from triangular sections of twill, leather or felt.
At times, it may be like a yarmulke, where the cap is simply a flat circle of cloth with a section cut out to the center and then sewn in such a way that it covers the head completely. These skull caps for men are often made of yarn, using knitting or crochet techniques.
Beanies are popular due to the 'grunge' clothing trend as well as the popularization of snowboarding and other cold sports. This kind of modern beanie is generally made of fleece or some special synthetic material which helps to wick moisture away. Woven version are also popular sportswear accessories for winter sports.

Motorcycle Skull Caps

Motorcycle skull caps for men are also quite a rage and are usually available in black color. These skull caps can be made using many materials and one of the most favored of all materials is leather. This provides extra protection from wind, rain and cold temperatures.
However, the main downside to leather skull caps is that they can be a bit heavier than those made of other materials. Also, leather tends to hold heat better than other materials and so keep you warmer in winter but in summer, they might lead to excess heat.
Popular options of skull caps are biker crosses in different colors like white, red, blue, pink etc. Sometimes, the U.S.A. Flag, POW symbols or MIA symbols may also be present.

Religious Skull Caps

Many people wear skull caps for religious purposes as well, that is, there are many skull caps that are associated with specific religions or religious sects. Generally, Jews wear a skull cap known as kippah.
These may be green, white, black or red skull caps. Black skull caps and hats are often worn by very orthodox Jews, or those that follow Haredi. White skull caps are more often worn by Muslims and are known as taqiyah. They are worn with keffiyeh scarf and are generally crocheted.
In summer, the best material is cotton, so try to keep an eye out for men's cotton skull caps. Also, you may want to make sure that when trying out a skull cap, you only have a limited pre-designed set of skull caps to choose from. So when trying them out, make sure that you try out the skull cap hat for men and feel comfortable in it.
There are a number of ways to know the right size for you but the best way is to measure the diameter of your head at the point where a headband can be worn.
If your head size fits between the measurements that are present on the sizing chart, then it will be better to pick the larger size of the two, as the smaller of the two may be too tight for you. Whatever it may be, when it comes to skull caps for men, love them or hate them, you can't ignore them!