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Sneakers: A Timeline

A brief timeline of shoes in the sneaker style.
Carol Evenson

Sneakers and Fashion

Sneakers have been a part of life for centuries. These days, this category of shoes has exploded into a cultural phenomenon seen everywhere from the hallways of school buildings to the runways of Fashion Week.

Sneakers Defined

There are many ways to categorize sneakers, from the sports they are most associated with to whether they are high or low top sneakers. The basic definition of sneakers is that they are rubber soled shoes designed for casual or athletic wear.

History of the Style

When rubber soles first hit the scene in the late eighteenth century, they were crudely made with no distinction between right and left shoes. It took until 1892 for them to be more comfortable and refined with canvas tops, distinction between the sides and a new name, Keds.

Types of Sneakers

These are not just sports shoes with style types ranging from basic to luxury to high-tech. Knowing a bit about each style can help you narrow the options down to the ones which best fit your needs and taste.

How To Choose a Pair To Buy

There are several things to keep in mind while you are shopping for any type of shoes such as how they fit your feet, your activity level and your aesthetic style. The same goes for sneakers. While it can seem like a good idea to hop on trends and get the latest and greatest, it does not do you much good to buy shoes that do not fit in with your style.

When To Wear Them

Sneakers have been around a lot longer than most people know but were not considered fashion until the middle of the twentieth century. These days you can find classic sports sneakers which are collectors’ items, casual sneakers for sports or everyday wear and high-fashion or luxury types to fit your needs and tastes.