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Suave Taper Haircut

Smita Pandit Mar 17, 2020
A regular taper haircut is a style wherein there is gradual change in the length of the hair from the crown to the nape, by cutting the hair progressively shorter. Here are a few variations of this sleek hairstyle.
When it comes to hairstyles for men, taper haircut definitely deserves a mention. Not only is it a neat and sleek hairdo, it is also easy to maintain. For styling one's hair in this haircut, hair is progressively cut shorter towards the nape of the neck. This subtle graduation in length definitely looks very neat.

Taper Hairdos

These hairstyles are easy-to-maintain and look good on most men. There are variations that will suit men from all walks of life.
For those who don't like unkempt hair, this is one hair that gives a clean and tidy look. It is regarded as one of the classic haircuts for men. Sometimes, it is also referred to as the businessman's hairstyle.
In this hairstyle, while the top layer or the hair at the crown area is kept longer, as you go towards the nape of the neck, the hair is progressively cut shorter. The degree of tapering and length of the layers makes all the difference.
It's a subtle graduation from the longer layer at the crown to the short tapered hair till the lowest edge which is razor outlined. This is basically the regular barber cut, but now has given way to one of the cool hairstyles for men, the very stylish taper fade haircut.

Taper Fade Hairstyle

The regular taper haircut can also be combined with a fade hairstyle. It is definitely one of those short haircuts that give you a sleek and polished look.
While the former is all about cutting or tapering the hair from the crown to the nape in shorter layers progressively, the fade implies cutting the hair on the sides and back very close to the head and the hair above the ears being tapered upward to a longer length on the crown.
The hair that is tapered or thinned down is cut in such a way that the lines of demarcation are not visible. The neckline and the lines around the ears are neat. The tapered hair at the back and the sides blend evenly throughout.
The beauty of this haircut lies in the way the hair is made to fade gradually and blended evenly throughout with the help of electric clippers. There shouldn't be sloppy or uneven lines. No wonder, short hairstyles such as tapered haircut or crew cut have been sported by the military personnel.
It's easy to maintain and looks professional. In fact, it wouldn't be wrong to call it as one of the trendy hairstyles for men. Another haircut that draws heavily from the fade haircut styles and ideas is the buzzed cut that draws attention to one's facial features.
You can style your hair in a very short, short or long taper fade hairstyle. Basically your look will depend on the level from which the fade will begin. It can begin above the hairline or go for a style where just the bottom of the sides and neckline is faded.
You can also use hair color ideas to make your hairdo look unique or edgy. You can go for a slight tapering or shave the hair completely around the nape of the neck and around the ears.
Another way to spice up your look would be to get asymmetrical taper lines or have some haircut designs or patterns sculpted at the back of your head. Though you can use electric clippers to style your hair on your own in this hairstyle, it's always better to let a hairstylist do it. That will ensure a smooth blending throughout.
So, for those of you who like their hair short, a tapered hairdo is definitely a great choice. If you want to style your hair in a trendy hairstyle, go for this edgy hairstyle.