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Text Dating Etiquette

Mukta Gaikwad
In times when nascent romance no longer has the time to script fragrant love letters, going mobile with it is the only option. With the need for rampant texting to stay connected with your latest crush, you need to be a little careful to prevent overstepping the border.
The language you use, the number of texts you send, the time at which you message, and the person to whom you message, can say a lot about you through this mode of communication. Text dating etiquette gives you a guideline that chalks out a few rules for preventing a relationship from going sour over a cell phone.

Status Update

The meaning of this status update, is known what is the status of your relationship. Is it just a love interest? Are you in a fling? Or are you dating? In all the three cases, the sincerity of your emotions is going to differ, and the same needs to conveyed to the other person too, to avoid any kind of confusions and misunderstandings.
If you are in dating period, text her when she gets home to tell her that you enjoyed the time spent together, and that you would love to see her again. If a random chat clicks after this message, play along and maintain the mood towards a slightly flirtatious text message scenario. Anything more, would make her feel like you are coming on too strong.

Following Up

OK! It is now time to get practical about the message you sent her. 'Let's catch up sometime / I'd love to see you again.' Let a day go by and then drop her a line, asking her what she is doing, and don't sound very corny while doing it.
A hint of dry humor can save you the day and put a smile on her day. Also, never ever send phony forwards to women you like, because they are unoriginal and mindless. Thus, be yourself, send her a simple message, strike up a conversation, and then ask her when is she meeting you again.

What's On Your Mind?

Ask yourself this, and kindly don't post the answer on Facebook. After your (second) meeting, send her texts saying you liked the time you spent together, compliment her and carry on the conversations in a friendly but caring kind of a way. One can get a little intimate and probe into personal details such as likes, dislikes, hobbies, interest and so forth.
However, avoid any kind of dirty talking, as you are just in the initial part a relationship. Avoiding sending any provocative pictures of yourself, and do not even ask for her pictures. The dating period needs to be handled with utmost care to prevent any kind of romantic mishaps, if you want your interests to turn into a healthy relationship.

Clear Messages

Even flirty messages can be clear. A message, although a text one, has be framed with conviction, confidence and clarity. Avoid messaging her in moments of emotional outbursts, for instance when you are drunk or when you are angry.
Remember that virtual relationships also have aesthetics, which need to be maintained. If she is not replying, allow her sometime, instead of sending her a dozen texts in the next five minutes.
Just as we maintain a social decorum while on a real time date, it is important that we do the same while texting too. Sending flirty or love messages over texts needs to be done with the right kind of intention. Avoid texting while on a real date, using texts as a substitute for real conversations, getting abusive over texts, and proposing or breaking up over a text message. Follow simple rules, to save your dating period from any romantic roller coaster ride.